How Pushing Buttons Wins Elections by Eric Foggitt May 21 2015

How Pushing Buttons Wins Elections  People have their “buttons” – the trick is to know which button to press. Press the wrong one and the reaction can be the opposite of what you intend. My fr...

How to Strengthen Your Inner Energy with Reiki by Frans Stiene May 20 2015

How to Strengthen Your Inner Energy with Reiki According to the World Health Organization more than 350 million people around the world suffer from depression. On their website they describe some ...

Jumping Off The Cliff On Wings Of Words by Jan Krause Greene May 20 2015

Jumping Off The Cliff On Wings Of Words After Maya Angelou's death, I heard the replay of radio interview from 1986. She talked about how she became mute after she was raped as an eight-year-old c...

Weekly Rune for the week of 17 May 2015 by Kelley Harrell May 19 2015

For the week of 17 May 2015 A visit with the ancestors is in order, so says Othala. As well, half-month stave Ingwaz continues to brew new awareness to some profound end. Read right to left is Ingw...

Week 21 by John Hunt May 16 2015

Week 21 In appreciation; Many people called her beautiful, with large eyes, high cheekbones, delicate nose. She held herself well – good breeding. She had a lovely character; her smile was a pleas...


ARE ADOPTIONS PLANNED BEFORE BIRTH?  In my book DISCOVERING THE LIFE PLAN – Eleven Steps to Your Destiny (6th Books 2012) I discussed in some depth the fact that choice of families in which to inc...


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