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SoulWorks by Jane Bailey Bain


Jane Bailey Bain

Apr 2018

SoulWorks: Living the life you want … and being who you want to be

Spiritual Beings or Economic Tools by Peter Strother

Spiritual Beings or Economic Tools

Peter Strother

Feb 2018

Spiritual Revolution - liberate yourself from enslavement to the global economic system.

Stillness on Shaking Ground by Carol A. Wilson

Stillness on Shaking Ground

Carol A. Wilson

Mar 2017

A woman's high-adventure Himalayan journey through love, loss, and letting go.

Self Enquiry: On Being You. A Journey into Truth by Michael Vincent

Self Enquiry: On Being You. A Journey into Truth

Michael Vincent

Mar 2016

This book presents Self Enquiry "in the raw": a concise,simple guide clarifying for the seeker a Practice that is both radical and profound.

Soul Comfort by Alistair Conwell

Soul Comfort

Alistair Conwell

Jan 2016

Uplifting, unique and thought-provoking spiritual insights into the nature of grief, death, consciousness and love for healing and positive transformation.

Selected Stories: Follies and Vices of the Modern Elizabethan Age by Nicholas Hagger

Selected Stories: Follies and Vices of the Modern Elizabethan Age

Nicholas Hagger

Dec 2015

The best of a thousand imagistic stories, grouped under ‘Follies and Vices’ and ‘Quest for the One’ (the two aspects of the fundamental theme of world literature).

Selected Poems: Quest for the One by Nicholas Hagger

Selected Poems: Quest for the One

Nicholas Hagger

Dec 2015

The best of Hagger’s many poems, grouped under ‘Quest for the One’ and ‘Follies and Vices’ (the two aspects of the fundamental theme of world literature).

Sh*t Happens, Magic Follows (Allow It!) by Carmen Harris

Sh*t Happens, Magic Follows (Allow It!)

Carmen Harris

Jul 2015

Think magic belongs only on the stage or in the imagination of young children? This book will teach you to reconsider and experience again!

StoryWorks by Jane Bailey Bain


Jane Bailey Bain

May 2015

A practical handbook on how to tell stories. Includes stories and creative exercises to inspire, inform and entertain.

Stepping Outside the Secrets: A Spiritual Journey from Sexual Abuse to Inner Peace by Elaine A. Hodge

Stepping Outside the Secrets: A Spiritual Journey from Sexual Abuse to Inner Peace

Elaine A. Hodge

Feb 2015

A psychologist's remarkable journey from severe sexual abuse to a life of deep spirituality and service.

Spiritual Experiments: The Portal of Truth by Matias Flury

Spiritual Experiments: The Portal of Truth

Matias Flury

Feb 2015

The autobiography of an advanced Western seeker; a wild journey towards Enlightenment that includes many out-of-body experiences.

Spirited Nature by Simon Gordon Wheeler

Spirited Nature

Simon Gordon Wheeler

Mar 2014

A transformative journey of healing and growth, with Spirit providing the engine and Mother Nature the fuel.

Starting a Spiritual Business - Inspiration, Case Studies and Advice by Charlotte Anne Edwards

Starting a Spiritual Business - Inspiration, Case Studies and Advice

Charlotte Anne Edwards

Feb 2014

Live your dream—presenting case studies, lashings of inspiration and business advice this book gives you the courage to accomplish your true purpose: starting a spiritual business.

Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being by Cissi Williams

Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being

Cissi Williams

Dec 2013

This book will show you how you can manifest your dreams in such a way that you are able to create your most amazing destiny ever.

Seeker's Guide to a Life worth Living, A by Jili Hamilton

Seeker's Guide to a Life worth Living, A

Jili Hamilton

Aug 2013

A series of short articles on aspects of life and the lessons learnt, particularly through people who have touched the author's life.

Swayambhu  by Eric-Jan Verwey


Eric-Jan Verwey

Mar 2013

A beautiful myth asserting the importance of death as a mystical concept within the text of the Hebrew Bible.

Spiritual Medicine  by Cissi Williams

Spiritual Medicine

Cissi Williams

Mar 2013

Let your Soul transform your relationships, health, work and family life, enabling you to live a deeply fulfilling and happy life.

Sassy  by Lisa Clark


Lisa Clark

Sep 2012

The Go-for-it Girl's Guide to Becoming Mistress of Your Destiny

Spiritual Mind, The by Jim Ryan

Spiritual Mind, The

Jim Ryan

Jun 2012

Shows spiritual thinkers, regardless of religious background, how to move from one mind state and how to reconnect with their inner spiritual power.

Sophisticated Alcoholic, The by David Allen

Sophisticated Alcoholic, The

David Allen

Nov 2011

If that concerned thought recurs when you recycle yet another batch of empties you need to read this book

Silence of the Mind, The by Ilie Cioara

Silence of the Mind, The

Ilie Cioara

Oct 2011

A practical book about meditation and enlightenment by Ilie Cioara. Eckhart Tolle with a poetic twist; Kahlil Gibran meets Krishnamurti.

Superconscious Relationships by Margaret Ruth

Superconscious Relationships

Margaret Ruth

Oct 2010

If The Four Agreements married Dear Abby, Superconscious Relationships would be their Generation Y offspring because it inspires the conscious creative segment of the 80 million member Millennial Generation to solve their number

Seeking the God of Ecstasy by Melina Costello

Seeking the God of Ecstasy

Melina Costello

Oct 2010

A breathtaking journey into the sacred and profane tensions of the soul that culminate in ecstatic union with the Divine.

Sucking Up Yellow Jackets by Jeanne Denault

Sucking Up Yellow Jackets

Jeanne Denault

Oct 2010

Not being able to grasp what other people are thinking wreaks havoc on a kind child and people around him.

Sheep by Alan Butler


Alan Butler

May 2010

Gripping tale of the history of our civilisation through man's relationship with sheep.

Silent Voices of the Soul by Robin Leigh Vella

Silent Voices of the Soul

Robin Leigh Vella

Apr 2010

Enlightenment can happen anywhere. Spiritual messages are everywhere. This guide demystifies awareness.

Study in Survival, A by Roger Straughan

Study in Survival, A

Roger Straughan

Nov 2009

From Arthur Conan Doyle comes a unique form of evidence to show that we, like Sherlock Holmes, can never die. Arthur Conan Doyle died in 1930 but returns to offer evidence for survival beyond the grave.

Science of Family, The by Nikki Mackay

Science of Family, The

Nikki Mackay

Jun 2009

The Science of Family by Nikki Mackay explores ancestral patterns, which manifest themselves down the generations, using energy healing, tarot archetypes and family constellations.

Secret Power of the

Secret Power of the "F" Word, The

Anne Hassett

Feb 2009

The Secret Power of the F word by Anne Hassett shows how to get away from ego-controlled struggle, stress and strain and find a better life.

Simply Being by Pamela Silberman

Simply Being

Pamela Silberman

Oct 2008

This journal chronicles the intuitive guidance received by one woman seeking to comprehend a world consumed by struggle, disappointment and confusion.

Science of Oneness by Malcolm Hollick

Science of Oneness

Malcolm Hollick

May 2006

Son of Karbala by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Son of Karbala

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Apr 2006

Soul Power by Nikki de Carteret

Soul Power

Nikki de Carteret

Dec 2003

  • Diana RichardsonDiana RichardsonDiana Richardson was born in KwaZulu, South Africa. Law Degree, University of Natal, Durban (B.A.LLB...
  • Mike GeorgeMike GeorgeMike George is a best selling author, international speaker and spiritual teacher. He guides, coach...
  • Tomas VieiraTomas VieiraTomas Vieira By Nouk Sanchez Tomas and I took a sacred vow together in 1984 to find a Love th...
  • Nouk SanchezNouk SanchezAustralians, Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira are the authors of best-seller Take Me to Truth, Undoing ...
  • Peter Christian VardyPeter Christian VardyPeter Vardy was Vice-Principal of Heythrop College, University of London, and is one of the best kno...
  • Nikki de CarteretNikki de CarteretNikki de Carteret is an international speaker, seminar leader and teacher of meditation. She divides...
  • Regina Dawn AkersRegina Dawn AkersRegina Dawn Akers is the scribe of "The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament," which is...
  • Elizabeth A. CronkhiteElizabeth A. CronkhiteLiz Cronkhite has been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1984, a life-coach since 2000, and a ...
  • Karen DarkeKaren DarkeGOLD MEDAL in road cycling at the 2016 Rio Paralympics SILVER MEDAL in road cycling at the 2012 L...
  • June McLeodJune McLeodJune McLeod is a colour consultant , colour-trends forecaster, intuitive, motivational trainer and a...
  • Caroline T. WardCaroline T. Ward
  • Thomas Daniel NehrerThomas Daniel NehrerQuestioning cultural truths of small-town Middle-America, Tom jettisoned religion by age 10. In his...
  • Miriam SubiranaMiriam SubiranaDoctor in Fine Arts, The University of Barcelona. Coach, Author and Trainer in Appreciative Inquiry...
  • Michael RichardsonMichael RichardsonSince 1993 Michael co-leads 'The Making Love Retreat' with his partner Diana. Born in Germany, he at...
  • Russel WilliamsRussel WilliamsRussel Williams died on April 9th 2018, at the age of 96. He was a remarkable man, who lived a remar...
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