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Carl Neville was born into a working-class family in Barrow-in-Furness in 1970. After re-sitting his O-levels and going on to take A-levels he studied English and Sociology at the University of Leeds, then, after an five year interim in which he worked in any number of factories and Warehouses around Leeds, an M.A in Creative Writing at Bretton Hall where he wrote his first novel, a gothic horror about a man who brings his girlfriend back from the dead, “Jessica : a Cautionary Tale.”

Now teaching English as a Foreign language he decided to move to Barcelona in 2000 in order to learn Spanish. He failed comprehensively in this objective but did garner the material for his second novel “ White Diaspora,” which he self published in 2002. Marrying and settling in London in the same year he spent the next two years struggling financially and writing another novel “Three men, one room” in which three different version of the same man pass through the experience of grief and destitution. He again self-published on the internet, finding, as always, the writing exciting, the drudgery entailed in seeking official publication off-putting.

Over the next three years he made numerous trips to South America, improving his Spanish and growing to understand something of the cultural and political life of the region. Fiction-wise he spent the time writing a London-based follow up to “White Diaspora”, “ Jason Phereus” which despite its formidable formal complexity and length of over five hundred pages he decided to leave unpublished in any medium due to a disenchantment with the overly Post Modern elements of his own fiction.

In 2006 he had the good fortune to receive the patronage of the music critic Simon Reynolds after he coined the term “Wyatting” and began blogging in earnest, writing largely on music and film. Carl Neville still lives in London and is working on a novel “The begging letter” and a book on film “ Classless” which seeks primarily to excoriate the works of the Blairite wing of the culture industry, specifically Richard Curtis and Guy Ritchie.

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