Felicity Prazak

Felicity (nee Donnollan) Prazak, born 1955 in Rockhampton, Australia. She left to travel to the UK and explore the world. Felicity married Victor Prazak in 1987. They lived between France and UK while Victor worked in the oil fields of Libya. On 22nd December, 1992 Felicity's world changed dramatically when the passenger plane her husband was on was blown out of the sky. The circumstances remained a mystery until the Libyan Uprising 2011.
In early widowhood, with two toddlers, Felicity retrained to become an art teacher and her job took her around the world to such places as Botswana, China, Russia and finally Libya where she began to uncover the truth. With the release of al Megrahi, the convicted Lockerbie bomber, tables turned on Felicity and she was thrown out of the pariah state for seeking answers about her husbands death.
To others itwas a sad love story, but it became increasingly clear to Felicity she was involved in policital web and it was only when she travelled to Benghazi under seige in the Libyan civil war that she discovered the horrifying truth of 'Libya's Unknown Atrocity' that was an execution of her beloved husband.

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