Robin D. Ader

Robin D. Ader is an author from New York currently residing in the Atlanta metropolitan area. His education spans the scientific spectrum from his undergraduate work in aerospace engineering to his graduate degree in biochemistry and microbiology. A student of astronomy and cosmology since the age of eight, he has watched the expansion of our knowledge of the origins of the universe, grow with the universe itself over the past fifty years. An avid follower of the progress in quantum and string theory, he weaves his many interests into his writing.

Raised in a secular household, Robin, never embraced the Orthodox Judaism of his grandparents, but always felt a traditional and cultural identity with this faith. This naturally led him to study Kabbalah along with the Bible. Curiosity, and an appreciation of the Christian society in which he lives, led him to study the Gospels and writings of the New Testament.

In recent years, ancient history, especially new revelations about Jewish and Christian Biblical figures, has drawn his attention. The Gospels of Thomas and Judas are of special interest. The Messiah Condition is a reconciliation of the many opinions regarding the impact of these Gnostic documents, “...from 30,000 feet. The patterns just can’t be seen from ground level.”

In 2005 he began an in-depth study of the New Thought Movement of the early twentieth century and found its philosophy and observations contiguous with the older “religious” perspectives on man and his relationship with God. The Messiah Condition is a synthesis of these.

Books by Robin D. Ader

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