Terri Daniel

Terri Daniel is an author, grief guidance facilitator and afterlife awareness educator. Her most recent book, "A SWAN IN HEAVEN" is based on dialogs with her son Danny, who died at age 16 and now shares insightful, inspired teachings from the Other Side. Her new book, "EMBRACING DEATH: A NEW LOOK AT GRIEF, GRATITUDE AND GOD," explores cultural and religious myths about the afterlife and offers a path to alternative perceptions via meditation, visualization and after-death communication.

Terri conducts classes on meditation, channeling and spiritual healing, based on replacing the notion of a judgmental God with a new definition of forgiveness as a path to personal peace. In addition to classes and workshops, Terri is a Certified Transition Guide, and counsels works with the dying and the bereaved throughout the U.S., offering alternative perspectives on death, dying and the afterlife.

For more information visit www.AfterlifeAwareness.com

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