10 Steps to Naked Being

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Believe nothing just because a so-called wise person said it
Believe nothing just because a belief is generally held
Believe nothing because it is said in ancient books
Believe nothing just because it is said to be of divine origin
Believe nothing just because someone else believes it
Believe only what you, yourself test and judge to be true.
Siddhārtha Gautama aka Buddha 

Naked Being is about coming home. Coming home to the formless heart of what you are. It doesn’t involve adding to what you’ve already got, or acquiring something you don’t yet have, simply the recognition and realisation of your true nature. That nature is not something you can be taught or anything you can learn to become. It is the simple truth of what you are – here and now in
this very moment.

  1. Underneath everything you see, every thought you think and every emotion you feel, there is an essential dimension to life we all share. This is Naked Being.
  2. Experiencing Naked Being takes place when you uncover the covered, for then you recognise that the Heart of what you are is not your body or your thoughts but pure consciousness itself.

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3. All is consciousness. Continuing to identify with the little mind of ego OR your conscious surrender to reality is what defines your present awareness.

4. The garments or ‘habits’ you wear conceal the naked truth of your body by covering it with several layers. In the physical dimension, these clothes have a practical and beneficial purpose because they provide warmth, comfort and protection. Within the mind, layers of conditioned mental ‘habits’ actually stop you from experiencing Naked Being. They cover the pure mind with layer upon layer of conditioning, concealing your True Nature. This happens because you analyse and project from the egocentric habitual mind (the ‘I, me, mine’ way of thinking) in accordance with your own personal patterning. This ‘patterning’ arises from a lifetime of conditioning. You could describe it as the ‘route’ taken by the individual mind which consequently determines your thoughts, words and actions. It is because of this patterning you are already deciding the meaning of what is presently occurring. You may also be deducing, proposing or imagining future alternatives, which all result in you overlooking the truth of the present moment. This is the habitual mind at work, the consciousness of separation you have grown accustomed to using. It sustains the belief that you are required to engage in conditioned thought in order to be you. But the truth is that you do not need to think or believe in order to be the awareness YOU are.

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5. The mind becomes over-dressed by a masquerade of patterns and habits, for conditioned thoughts are not simply worn like clothes to cover and protect the body but disguise the truth of who and what you are. As a direct consequence, these habits of mind change the way in which you ‘see’ reality.

6. Can you let go of your addiction to the ego-self that you and others have spent a lifetime inventing? For many in the world, this is too much to ask. To reveal that the ‘life’ you have built was constructed on unsuitable land with poor quality materials, and that one day it will all collapse, is a difficult reality to come to terms with. But beyond the mind of ‘I’, deep in the Heart of your being, is the only lasting reality you can truly realise – the True Self – your True Nature.

7. The constant noise of the habitual mind, like some annoying interference on an old-fashioned radio, is gradually dissolved by tuning in to your inner Self. This is the recognition of Naked Being, revealed through a process of stripping back to what YOU already are, rather than acquiring more of what YOU are not.

8. Seeking comes in many forms – it begins with a fundamental purpose, and that purpose is often the seeking of personal benefit, fame, fortune, position and power. When these are discovered to be unfulfilling, then seeking takes another route.

9. Naked Being is not defined by intellect, wealth, status, colour, creed or religion. It is awakened in you through the discovery of inner being. You already have it within you; for it is what YOU are – you just need to be aware of its abiding presence.

10. Don’t live your life thinking that the world owes you something. It’s more that you owe the world the truth that YOU and the universe are inseparable. So, pay it back. Be yourself. Your True Self.

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Naked Being by J.M. Harrison is the little book which takes you on a mind blowing journey home to the truth of Being. Naked Being provides a powerful foundation for positive and lasting life changes, a beautiful fusion of mainstream spirituality, esoteric oneness and non-duality.

Available in print and kindle version on HIVE.

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