2017: Year of the Rooster

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by Zakariya Adeel


I am the critical calculator, the cerebral conservative, the quality controller. I am the last to sleep and the first to rise for my service is necessary and my goals, paramount. Of course, I am a special child of nature, less the common farmyard bird and more the peacock. My head-comb is shines so bright, it can blind, my wings are perfectly brushed and my feathers are stunningly fanned! I have to look perfect so the world recognizes my superiority. I need to be “on” all of the time, I need to be available, I have to be perfect!

When I am not happy, you will know, for I am a cocky, cocksure, cockerel. I know what I’m cockadoodledooing about…even when I don’t! I am not critical, I am discerning! I am not impulsive, I’m confident. I listen to my head over my heart because my heart is an impudent child in an adult‘s world. Discipline is necessary in all areas leaving the rest of me to dazzle and attract without any of my peacock-eyes leaving sight of the goal!

I am the Rooster

Flirty, flamboyant and colorful, you tell it like it is and expect it the way you like it. With high expectations of yourself and of others, some find you hyper-critical and insensitive when you are genuinely trying to help. Not everybody is capable of adopting your work ethic. Vain and talkative, roosters have a reputation for being self-obsessed. Once again, misunderstood, this is one of the most sensitive signs, you wear a heavy mask to protect your ego from scrutiny, so in order to project confidence you talk, and talk and talk. Efficient, alert and effective, you can be highly organized and your mind is like a dictionary.

Career-wise, the Rooster is a dream employee…for a deaf boss. If one could separate their work from their mouth, it would make many people more content, but unfortunately, it is just the way of it that the Rooster comes with a critical bent and the office is just the place for them to vent. Although, they can be the most professional when required to be, they have high standards, an aggressive nature and a tendency to put their beak into others affairs, especially if it might impact them in some way. However, their work tends to be of the highest quality, gets done before it is required and they often take the initiative creating lists, or databases to make everyone’s work life easier…just make sure that they are complimented, recognized and praised for their efforts and they will never leave. They are good at anything that requires detailed, specific knowledge. They are also drawn to quirky designs, colors, numbers, medicine, science and the world of beauty augmentation. Marketing is also a natural talent.


Soul Mate: Dragon

Challenger: Rabbit

Best Friends: Ox & Snake

Good Relations: Monkey & Boar



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