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from Barbara Ford-Hammond

sharingthelove99 red balloons or a 99 ice-cream?


Here is something better – The Psychic Way is on a 99p special for February – the month of love and all that.

Yes, just 99 pennies and the ebook is yours.

Because we are feeling the love I am also gifting my Chakra Meditation.

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An Excerpt ~ 
Introductory Musings

It’s all make believe, isn’t it?  Marilyn Monroe 

Living the psychic way means different things to different people as I have discovered each time I’ve mentioned the title of this book. For me, it is a way of life: trusting intuition, being in the flow and trying to be helpful to others. It isn’t always easy but when you ‘get it’ it is blissful.

Working as a hypnotist, muse and intuit tends to instigate interesting reactions when I first meet people. Occasionally, I am offered a wry smile; sometimes they back away making the sign of the cross, but mostly I get questioned for more information. However, when I started my hypnotherapy practice, my esoteric inclinations were not out in the open but they refused to remain hidden and niggled and poked until I acknowledged their presence, let them out to play and began to live the psychic way.

While this was happening many of my clients noticed that after their sessions they became more intuitive and psychic, which led me to create my Beyond Bliss workshops and retreats as a fun way to ‘try out’ and develop various skills. The contents of these classes range from seeing auras to dowsing, looking into your future to hypnotism and with so much in-between there is something for everyone.

The Psychic Way – Fine-tuning Your Intuition is based on Beyond Bliss and shows how, by practicing hypnotic meditation combined with a mix of techniques, you can develop your inner skills and improve your well-being. The book does not deliver a one size fits all approach but more a toolbox to dip into while discovering your fortes.


Clarice drawn by Inge Randma

Clarice is kindly showing you where the 7 main chakras are located.

You can probably feel if you are off balance – whether emotionally, physically or mentally.
Here are the colours that correspond to each chakra:

RED – Base ~ grounding, stability, stamina, motivation, self – confidence, purpose, passion, excitement

ORANGE – Sacral ~ joy, respect for oneself, release (of stored negativity), creativity, cheer, pick-me-up, happiness

YELLOW – Solar Plexus ~ cleansing, cheer, happiness, up-liftment, ego, will (power), energy, focus, enthusiasm, self worth

GREEN – Heart ~ balance, harmony, peace, abundance, love yourself, release (heart related emotions), growth/new beginnings

BLUE – Throat ~ release of physical tension, communication, peace, healing, honesty, calming, cleansing, express oneself

INDIGO/PURPLE – Brow/3rd Eye ~ wisdom, protection, vision, responsibility, understanding, seeking, power

VIOLET/WHITE – Crown ~ clarity, cleansing, clearing negativity, universal energy, has all colours within it, pureness

By tuning into yourself and tweaking with a little inner healing balance can be restored.

All the answers you need are in the book.



The Psychic Way – Just 0.99 (eBook) 05/02/2017 – 05/03/2017

The Psychic Way is everything you need to know about being super-intuitive plus how to use the knowledge for pleasure or to ensure success in business. Barbara shows how to understand your mind using hypnotic meditative techniques that lead naturally to expansion of self-awareness. Inner abilities are switched on in a fun easy manner.

Buy this e-book: AMAZON US  |  AMAZON UK



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