Welcome to our blog. 

This is the home of the O Books Mind Body Sprit cluster. Snuggling up together means there is lots of information from the MBS imprints and it is all in one place.  We feature book news, author and publisher interviews, guest posts and so much more.

In the cluster we have a mix of fiction and non-fiction books.

Please leave comments, ask questions and share anything you’d like to see and we’ll do our best to make it happen. There will be competitions and book giveaways

Below are the imprints that you will find here and clicking on each bold name will take you to the respective publisher’s website.

O Books –  O is a symbol of the world, of oneness and unity; this eye represents knowledge and insight. We publish titles on general spirituality and living a spiritual life. We aim to inform and help you on your own journey in this life.

6th – Investigations, explanations and deliberations on the paranormal, supernatural, explainable or unexplainable. 6th seeks to give answers while nourishing the soul: whether making use of the scientific model or anecdotal and fun, but always beautifully written.

Axis Mundi – Axis Mundi Books provide the most revealing and coherent explorations and investigations of the world of hidden or forbidden knowledge.

Ayni – “Ayni” is a Quechua word meaning “reciprocity” – sharing, giving and receiving – whatever you give out comes back to you.  To be in Ayni is to be in balance, harmony and right relationship with oneself and nature, of which we are all an intrinsic part.

Dodona – The priestesses and priests received the oracles of the Dodona shrine through the rustling leaves of the sacred oak tree. The oracle was an early form of divination, and divination has existed perhaps as long as humankind itself. 

Mantra – We publish books on Eastern religions and philosophies. Books that aim to inform and explore the various traditions, that began rooted in East and have migrated West.

Psyche – The study of the mind: interactions, behaviours, functions. Developing and expanding our understanding of self. Psyche Books cover all aspects of psychology and matters relating to the head.

Soul Rocks – Soul Rocks Books will rock your soul. A fresh and fantastic list that will take the search for soul and spirit mainstream. Soul Rocks believes that the path to deeper meaning has for too long been confined to the tomes of the past.