An Interview with Angie Aristone

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Angie Aristone is a Conscious Living Coach, Psychic-Medium and Animal Telepath. Angie holds degrees in Anthropology and Visual Arts. Her partner, Roderick Alan, holds degrees in Chemistry and Biophysics. Married for over 20 years, they have learned first hand what it means to live in telepathic connection with one another and the wider world. They live in London, Canada with their three teenage sons.


Consciousness Becomes You – Understanding your connection to everything through the mind of a telepath, is published by 6th Books.


How did you come to write Consciousness Becomes You?

I spent 12 years guest lecturing in psychology classes on human consciousness at The University of Western Ontario. I would do some mediumship with a few students in the class, talk about the process and do my best to answer student’s questions. Most students wanted to know “How does it work?”. Some of them had pretty fearful reactions, it’s one thing to read about extraordinary abilities and another to witness them first hand and have to reassess your fundamental beliefs.

I worked on explaining these abilities with my husband for years and we initially decided to write a book on the mechanics of psychic abilities. I wanted to explain the process from the inside out with as little new age and spiritual ideology as possible. In the process, we had to address fundamental questions about the human mind and consciousness, as well as dispel a lot of fears and misconceptions..

We came to realize that we have collectively denied, demonized a underutilized a very natural and vastly intelligent part of who we are.  We ended up focusing far more on human potential and understanding consciousness from the inside out rather than talking about psychic abilities.

What’s the difference between telepathy and psychic abilities?

Even though I’ve worked as a psychic-medium and animal communicator for more than 15 years, I really prefer to stay away from the word “psychic” because it carries so much baggage. When you look closely at nature and the human mind, you quickly realize that all of nature functions through a sort of telepathic connection, including the human mind.

I define telepathy as consciousness to consciousness communication. Nature functions through this telepathic connection and we are part of nature. Clairvoyance, energy healing and the entire range of extraordinary abilities are all small slices and slightly different applications of the same ability, telepathy.

Psychic abilities tend to focus on predicting the future, which can be useful in some circumstances, but it’s a very small slice of a much larger pie. The potential applications of telepathy are endless.

So the book isn’t about psychic abilities?

The book is really about exploring the nature of our telepathic connection so that everyone can use it in their own unique way. The focus is on recognizing how and when telepathic information shows up in our lives, and how we can all understand and use this information it in practical ways for our collective benefit.

We do touch on how telepathic information can be used to predict the future, as well as the drawbacks and difficulties of using telepathic information to predict the future, but it’s not the focus of the book.

You believe that everybody is telepathic?

Absolutely. It’s our fundamental wiring. The physics community is beginning to recognize that Information is the building block of the universe, matter and energy are secondary. Our brains and every cell in our bodies are our connected to the information based level of reality the shapes and forms the physical world. Most of us are afraid of our basic wiring, and we do our best to explain it away. When we have telepathic experiences, are first reaction is often fear, and we question our sanity, or, we are so awed that we resort to spiritual or religious explanations and get stuck in wonder.

When we objectively embrace our telepathic side, a lot of fears and anxieties disappear. When we begin to understand how our telepathic connection to one another and the universe functions, it’s a game changer. Rather than living and acting like separate beings competing for resources, status and survival, telepathy allows us to open up to the creative power of nature, work together cooperatively as a synchronized whole and live life on a whole new level.

You say that telepathy is a technology that can be applied to every area of human endeavor, what do you mean?

Modern technology is largely about communication. Mobile phones and the internet are revolutionizing the way we do everything, mostly because they facilitate communication. Telepathy is another form of communication, one that can unleash a whole new level cooperation,collaboration and creativity that transcends time and space.

Telepathy becomes a technology when people start using it openly to work together. Telepathy is really about sharing information to facilitate co-operation and transformation, it’s about co-creating the future rather than predicting it.

Telepathy is also fundamental to creativity, and creative people are very telepathic, although they might not realize what they are doing. When you put communication and creativity together, magic happens.

How did you come up with the title?

It showed up in a dream shortly before our submission deadline. We touch on the relationship between dreams and telepathy in the book, so it’s rather fitting. Our working title was Normalizing The Connected Mind, but the book is really an exploration of personal consciousness and human potential, so Consciousness Becomes You was a better fit.

Why the infinity symbol on the cover?

We explain that we all cycle through what I call the connected mind, and our thinking minds, what I call the survivor mind, all the time. Many times per minute in fact. It’s an infinite loop that looks like an infinity symbol when you trace it out. The connected mind is an infinite place, so the infinity symbol really captures the essence of the book.

You share the idea that we are all far more intelligent than conventional wisdom presupposes, how so?

In the book, I share one of my pivotal experiences that contributed to my understanding of consciousness: a friend of mine, who was a medical doctor in life passed and he came and visited me just before his funeral. He explained that his brain had actually slowed and limited his thinking in life. Free of his brain, he found that he could wonder about anything he wanted to know about, travel at the speed of thought, and obtain inside out information and understandings about anything. No understanding was out of his reach.

Telepathy is really and truly as simple as wondering and becoming receptive. No understanding is out of our reach when we slip into our telepathic connection. The latest research in quantum biology and quantum mind theory, which we discuss in the book, also supports the notion. The research suggests that every cell in our bodies has as much information processing capacity as conventional neuroscience attributes to the entire human brain, and that the brain is far more than a bio-computer.

We go over quite a bit of science in the first section of the book, which might seem challenging to some readers at first, but preface it with the idea that any understanding is available to us when we gently slip into connection and wonder.

How can, as you put it, collectively learning to navigate our own consciousness save our planet?

Albert Einstein believed that “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  Recent advances in our understanding of consciousness, and what is possible in altered states, gives us an doable path towards a new level of thinking.

In the business world, flow states of consciousness are rapidly being recognized as the key driver of productivity, creativity, innovation and collaboration. Our collective understanding and proficiency in altered states of consciousness is rapidly increasing. What conventional researchers haven’t yet recognized is that in flow and altered states of consciousness, we are connected to one another and the planet. We naturally make better, far more creative and inclusive decisions that work for everybody, including mother nature.

When we tap into human potential, and everybody can, we no longer think in just terms of personal gain at the expense of others or the planet. Ours minds naturally gravitate toward creative win-win-win solutions, solutions that work for us, everyone involved and the wider world. Consciously aligning with greater good in altered states and understanding how to use and navigate altered states has the potential to create even better, far reaching results.

Getting off our current path towards devastating climate change and resource depletion is going to require enormous creativity and collective transformation. We are all naturally equipped to navigate such a rapid change, but to do so, we are all going to have to tap into the power of our own consciousness.

You’re pretty hard on sceptics in the book.

Sceptics have been exceptionally hard on a large and vulnerable segment and society for decades, and consistently disparage some of our most sacred experiences, so it’s only fair. There’s solid scientific evidence for telepathy, and good evidence for survival of consciousness and mediumship abilities.  Physicists have given us plausible mechanisms and quantum biologists are experimentally verifying their theories. Declaring yourself a sceptic today is akin to declaring superiority through your own ignorance.

Scepticism has become an outright form discrimination, and subtle form of misogyny. Intuition and magic have long been associated with the divine feminine, and persecuted along with it . Discrimination based on race, religion or sexual orientation is unacceptable in most circles, but public dismissal and disparagement of anyone who believes in extraordinary ability or phenomena beyond faith is still commonplace. It’s time to leave the dark ages for good and stop denying and persecuting anything we don’t yet fully understand.

This discrimination has serious consequences. We can’t hope to solve humanity’s pressing problems with we collectively ignore and deny half of reality and half of the human experience.


Consciousness Becomes You

Understanding your connection to everything through the mind of a telepath.

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    Angie literally saved my dogs life when she told me of her stomache issues. Turned out she had colitis the symtoms of which did not appear until 2 years after her reading but we had already started dealing with it . Saved us and her a lot of pain and she is still a thriving 14 year old. Ignore her at your own peril. I know the power of her skills and wish i could develop my own abilities. Buying this book right now. Thanks again Angie.

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