Author Activities February – March

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Mind Body Spirit



Book Launch 30th March, Watkins Bookstore – Pandeism: An Anthology with editor Knuje Mapson
and contributors Anthony Peake, Dr. Michael Arnheim, Sushma Sahajpal #pandeism

Free online event March 7-9: Learn from leaders whose work and wisdom are supporting an empowering vision for aging in todays’ world. Featuring John C Robinson, at Shift Network #consciousaging #elders

“The Three Secrets of Aging” Dr. John Robinson, facilitator Wednesday, February 8, 2017 Panelist on webinar with #consciousaging #elders



Heather Grace MacKenzie writes about mindfulness & self-compassion on her blog Dying to this moment… it’s the only way to live

Altazar Rossiter writes about Energy Management on his blog

Extract from The Bad Witch’s Blog of Answering Avalon’s Call

Margaret Cahill’s Blog: Under Cover of Darkness blog And then there’s Titan – A beautiful blog about animal communication #animalcommunication #animalhealing




Kindred Spirit Online featured an article by Anita Neilson on 6 Steps to Easter Kindness

Best Self Magazine featured an article from author Dhyana Stanley Manifesting our Innate Peace and Freedom.

Best Self Magazine featured an article by Mariah McKenzie based on her book More

Attune Magazine article: I Hate Pink Ribbons from the late Landis Vance’s book, The Most Clarifying Battle O Books #cancer

The Center for Conscious Eldering featured an article: What Is Conscious Eldering? By John C Robinson O Books #consciousaging #elders

Mystic Living Today  published Hypnotic Meditation By Barbara Ford-Hammond 6th Books #hypnosis #meditation

TelegraphWhy ‘La La Land yellow’ is the optimistic colour that everyone should be wearing this January by Jules Standish from her book The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing. O Books #colourtherapy #style

The Antidote – article Go for green by Jules Standish O Books #colourtherapy

Huffington PostMaggy Whitehouse Comedian, BBC radio presenter, minister and author on Bible mysticism, novelist: It Took A Barracuda Attack To Make Me Realise I Wanted To Live Axis Mundi Books #Memoir #Inspiration

Progressive Christianity featured John C Robinson’s article: Responding to the Trauma of the Presidential Election in Four Dimensions O Books #consciousaging #elders



Daily Stoic featured an interview with author William Farraiolo, for his upcoming book Meditations on Self-Discipline and Failure



Want to know about Reiki? Frans Stiene is an internationally acclaimed teacher and author. Books include The Inner Heart of Reiki, The bestselling Reiki Sourcebook (co-authored with Bronwen M Logan) Ayni Books. #reiki

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