Becoming a Lightbearer

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by Altazar Rossiter PhD

Whenever I sit down to write an article I check out what’s going on in the world according to the media. There’s no doubt about it, the world’s in a mess. The environment is destroyed, wars are being fought in places many people haven’t heard of, wars are about to break out in places you have, the economy is in crisis, political leadership is desperately trying to preserve of a broken system, there’s an epidemic of corruption and abuse in our social institutions. It may look like it’s getting darker, but it’s not. It’s been like that for ages.

Why it’s getting better …
What’s happening now is that the mess is too difficult to keep hidden any more. No-one really wants to believe it, because it means we’ve been walking around blindfolded, duped and exploited for an age. Self-deception has been enforced through the psychological imprinting cultural ideals, which enables the institutional media to distort much of the truth in support of those ideals … and discredit dissenters. But the depths of establishment dishonesty that have been practised for so long are being exposed and understood as never before. So things are actually getting better.

Mass Media Manipulation
What’s becoming ever clearer is that the western media machine takes in all of the misery and duplicity, churns it up and regurgitates it as a blanket of fear. Many of the stories selected for public consumption seem to be chosen deliberately to induce anxiety about the maintenance of first world ways of life. The convention seems to be What can we scare them with next. And the perspectives offered foster a kind of combat outlook. There’s a war against just about everything that challenges mainstream beliefs and the consumer life-style.

An “old energy” siege mentality continues to be promoted: keep hold of what we’ve got and defend ourselves against anything or anyone that might take that away. This is a dog-eat-dog mind-set that has hijacked primal survival instincts to justify abusive social traditions, consumerism and imperious foreign policies that masquerade as democracy. If you react against this state of affairs you risk being labelled an enemy of freedom. This is how the masses are manipulated.

Whether it’s intentional or not, this is a machinery of disempowerment. It doesn’t matter if you’re one of the “enemies” or a defender of tradition, if you’re for or against, your focus will be rooted in conflict.

Getting clear …
All of this is being played out in the modern world. An energy of fear is constantly being injected into the matrix of the collective, creating a “background radiation” level that we’re so used to we don’t notice it. And we don’t notice when we’re tuned into it. Getting clear is a significant undertaking, staying clear is even more challenging, but this is the mission of awakening in the new energy paradigm.

The primary practice that has to be developed in getting clear is focusing on what brings you alive. This is achieved by noticing where you are animated with joy and feeding that part of you, whatever it takes.

It’s the whatever it takes bit that causes the most difficulty, because that will almost certainly involve abandoning some of the behaviours that you’ve adopted to protect yourself from the world at large. When you commit to whatever it takes, however, you’re on the road to staying clear.

The Transition
Humanity is transitioning out of an old energy paradigm and gradually awakening from a mass indoctrination of fear, which rides on primal instincts. As this happens the fear that (invisibly) underwrites many of our interactions has to be dissolved. In order for that to happen, the mechanism of fear has to be taken apart and driven out from everywhere that it resides. It has to be brought into the light where it can be seen.

Sometimes this will be very uncomfortable and even terrifying. The collective matrix of fear has acquired so much energy over the ages that it virtually has a life of its own … And like all forms of life it wants to survive, so it will fight hard to do so. This is where the catch sits, because if you engage in that fight you feed the fear. Your judgement, condemnation, determination to win and a fear of defeat actually reinforce the collective matrix.

Focussing on getting free from what you fear, what you reject or what you want to stop is not a viable solution, because you inherently operate from a baseline defined by the problem. The place you start from guarantees its inclusion in the outcome. This is a psychological knot that tightens itself the more you try to unpick it.

The primary practice for getting clear is focusing only on what brings you alive.
When you do this you withdraw your attention from what you fear.

So the solution is to focus your energies on what you want with your heart, on what you want to create, on what brings you alive. And this is NOT what you hope for. Hope in this context undermines you because it implies a fear of failure. That fear is the trap.

Becoming a Lightbearer
You must stay intent upon what you want to create in your reality. In the old energy paradigm it was incredibly difficult. In the new energy, it’s getting easier. But it’s still a bit like developing a muscle you didn’t know you had and have never used – it takes practice. And as you will still be clearing your own patterns, occasionally you’ll get triggered and find yourself caught in the collective matrix. … But that can actually be useful.

If you are triggered by the collective matrix and mainstream newsfeeds, you can treat this in exactly the same way as if you were triggered by something someone says or does at a personal level. You can consider it to be showing you something in yourself that you need to shine a light on.

  • If you see war outside, ask: Where’s the war in me?
  • If you feel angered by poor official responses to humanitarian issues, ask: Where do I ignore my own needs?
  • If you believe yourself to be part of an oppressed minority, ask: Where do I oppress myself?

Instead of focusing on all the trouble outside, invoke Universal Law: As within, So without; and look for what’s troubling you on the inside. This will give you the insight necessary to get clearer and be more centred in your own flow. If you can stay present with the feelings that arise – and sometimes there can be abject terror – you will see how the reaction has repeated itself in patterns throughout your life.

You might need help with this. So if you’re not used to managing your own process, you may do well to seek support from a facilitator who understands the energy dynamics of this kind of clearing and can hold a safe space with you.

Holding an intent to clear these patterns will manifest the means to accomplish it. As you clear, more of the light of your essence floods into you, and you will have empowered yourself in the process. Not only that, but when you clear yourself you weaken the collective matrix a little bit, because you stop contributing your unconscious fear to it. You become a lightbearer. This is the way the transformative awakening of humanity proceeds, from a foundation of personal authenticity and integrity. To paraphrase Ghandi:

You must be the light you want to see in the world.


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