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Here is a list of titles that top our bestsellers list for Inspiration and Self-help – please help to spread the word on these and to help the O Books social networking in general, please share and like.  Thank you xx

365 Days of Wisdom – Daily Messages To Inspire You Through The Year

by Dadi Janki

978-1-84694-863-3, £12.99 / $22.95

This book of thoughts will enrich your life every day of the year. A companion to the bestselling Wisdom for the Day Calendar, it offers 365 short but profound spiritual thoughts, one to inspire each day. The quotations of the day have been specially chosen to provoke thought and encourage inner development, but they are far from esoteric or difficult to understand.


7 Aha’s of Highly Enlightened Souls

by Mike George

978-1-90381-631-8, £5.99 / $11.95

7 moments of profound insight into our own lives, which we can all reach, which will open us to new ways of seeing our problems and our potential. With thousands of insights now flooding the marketplace of spiritual development how do we begin to decide where to start our ‘spiritual journey?’ What are the right methods? This little book strips away the illusions which surround the modern malaise we call stress.


The 7 Myths about Love…Actually! – The Journey from your HEAD to the HEART of your SOUL

by Mike George

978-1-84694-288-4, £9.99 / $19.95

Millions obsess over it. Thousands have died for it. Few will find it. Even fewer will live it. You don’t do it. You won’t ever see it. You can’t even ‘make it’. It is LOVE. Infinite and yet indestructible, it is only when you understand LOVE that you will understand your life. Unlimited and yet invisible, it is only when you know LOVE that you will know your power. Do you know love? Have you discovered love? If you think you have this book will make you think again.


Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

by Sister Jayanti

978-1-84694-497-0, £7.99 / $13.95

This is the time for laying the foundation of wisdom within your own consciousness. To become aware of the wise self within, to nurture it until it grows into a tree of strength that will provide fruit not only for you, but will help to inspire all those you come into contact with everyday. Gaining in knowledge about your own role and understanding your relationship with God will enable you to do the things that you need to do, so that a wiser civilization, and a new and better world, can be created.


Don’t Get MAD Get Wise – Why no one ever makes you angry!

by Mike George

978-1-90504-782-6, £7.99 / $14.95

We all have some anger in our hearts, and it corrodes relationships everywhere, from the individual to the international. But anger is never healthy or justified. This is not a book about moderating or transforming our anger, but getting rid of it. At its root, anger is a spiritual rather than an emotional issue. We can’t be angry, and peaceful and loving, at the same time. This is a book about learning what forgiveness really means, how to be peaceful, and to live without anger.

In the Light of Meditation

by Mike George

978-1-90381-661-5, £11.99 / $19.95

In the Light of Meditation offers an introduction to the art and practice of meditation while laying down the foundations for ongoing spiritual development. A series of ten lessons provide specific insights into Raja Yoga, with practical exercises to complement and to help your understanding of the method and underlying teachings.




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