Eric Foggitt

The Enneagram and Theresa May

Sep 11th, 2016 | By

by Eric Foggit It’s not looking good for Theresa May. On the face of it she’s a perfect rather faceless politician who, apart from one very serious blunder when she got a nasty van driving around warning illegals to go home, has got where she’s got by not getting up anyone’s nose and not being

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Why am I afraid to tell you who I am?

May 7th, 2016 | By

by Eric Foggitt Teacher and therapist Eric Foggitt works with individuals, groups and churches to promote spiritual insight and development, using the wisdom of the Bible and the Enneagram. He lives in Amsterdam. He is the author of Nine lives – The Enneagram in life stories Why do we make the same mistakes over and over? Why

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There’s No Such Thing as Society

Mar 22nd, 2016 | By

Mrs Thatcher was famously said to have once announced “there’s no such thing as society” – meaning that we’re all individuals and, presumably, that society is little more than an intellectual construct. Living through that decade – the 80’s – was about coming to terms with a whole range of privatisations, from Steel to BT to British Gas. (Rail

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How Pushing Buttons Wins Elections by Eric Foggitt

May 21st, 2015 | By

How Pushing Buttons Wins Elections  People have their “buttons” – the trick is to know which button to press. Press the wrong one and the reaction can be the opposite of what you intend. My friend Nina (an immature type 3, so fairly obsessed with her appearance and with what others think of her) responds

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The Image Thing by Eric Foggitt

Dec 24th, 2014 | By

“The image thing” The wonderful thing about human language, someone once told me, was not its ability to communicate information, opinion or feeling; rather it was its usefulness in hiding these things, creating a false picture and telling lies. So being a fairly WYSIWYG* kind of person, I find it quite odd that so many

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Nationalities by Eric Foggitt

Aug 14th, 2014 | By

I commute frequently between Holland and England and sometimes I don’t behave as I should. In Amsterdam I find myself saying “sorry” (in a Dutch accent) just for approaching a door at the same time as someone else; back in the UK I forget to step to one side in a corridor – even though

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Making changes by Eric Foggitt

Jun 13th, 2014 | By

Isn’t it strange how you can know people, but not know them? Have you noticed how some people change dramatically when they’re in a new relation­ship or a different workplace? Lorna was a bit of a nerd – in a nice way. She would get very animated when she was describing a patient – “Fairly

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