Gordon Phinn

The Importance Of ‘Past’ Lives

Dec 5th, 2016 | By

by Gordon Phinn Many modern teachers, including Krishnamurti, perhaps taking their lead from traditional Hindu and Buddhist sources, de-emphasized the experience of past lives, suggesting, and sometimes insisting, that they were a distraction rather than an aid to spiritual growth.  That they were detours into glamour from the humdrum, hard working lives of the present, more

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From Normal Consciousness To Cosmic Consciousness

Nov 13th, 2015 | By

Cosmic consciousness has been regarded, in mystical and metaphysical circles, as the next step up from self-consciousness, of which ‘normal waking consciousness’ is something of a subset. I say ‘normal waking consciousness’, as that swirl of thoughts, feelings, anxieties, fears, anticipations and regrets, is what makes up the bulk of moment to moment life for

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Awakening Astral Consciousness by Gordon Phinn

Jul 17th, 2015 | By

Awakening Astral Consciousness  Most of my work, both written, and shall we say for now, otherwise, is dedicated to awakening astral consciousness in the reader/experiencer.  Some of it extends beyond that, to the mental, buddhic and monadic levels, but the majority, so far, is all about awakening astral consciousness.  Why?  Because it is, for the

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Is God Love, Really? by Gordon Phinn

May 13th, 2015 | By

Is God Love, Really? It’s a not uncommon revelation these days, when one of the self-initiated declares that God is, above all else, love.  The implication being, usually, that all we have to do is remove our ego obstacles to that realization, open our hungry hearts and there it will be, as it always has

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There Are No Accidents Of Birth by Gordon Phinn

Apr 17th, 2015 | By

There Are No Accidents Of Birth I have commented previously on the mainstream media being one of the carriers of the virus known to us as skeptical materialism and all the baggage that comes with it, – the blind adherence to rationalism and scientism as the major, if not only, cure-alls for whatever ails society. 

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The Moment Expanding Into Eternity by Gordon Phinn

Mar 11th, 2015 | By

The Moment Expanding Into Eternity The moment expanding into eternity:  it’s a process that often unfolds during meditation, although it can easily slip in and establish itself as you gaze contentedly at the passing parade, either in public or nature.  I recently posted a status update on Facebook relating an occurrence as I was relaxing

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Mindfulness Meditation by Gordon Phinn

Feb 9th, 2015 | By

Mindfulness Meditation Mindfulness meditation:  that’s where you sit down and breathe.  You breathe and observe the breath coming in and going out.  The air in your lungs: now they’re full, now they’re empty.  Within this process thoughts and emotions arise, blossom and fade.  The point is to observe them without attaching yourself to them.  The point is to see that they

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The Cleverest Conspiracy Of All by Gordon Phinn

Dec 17th, 2014 | By

The Cleverest Conspiracy Of All We live in an age of conspiracies and rumours of conspiracies.  Even those who mock and deny their existence feel the need to talk about them in a disparaging manner.  Governments, corporations and intelligence services all thrive on their production, implementation and cover-up.  Educated populations, now mostly freed from the

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Belief Systems by Gordon Phinn

Nov 24th, 2014 | By

As we move along our inner journeys, identifying and jettisoning the various ties that bind us, we soon come to see the pervasiveness and strength of belief systems.  At first we pick out one or two of the more obvious, feeling rather grand about our discernment.  But then, gradually, we see them popping up like

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Incarnation And Suffering by Gordon Phinn

Sep 5th, 2014 | By

 Incarnation And Suffering  Reading today of the current pope’s response to questions about suffering, and why some of us seem targeted and others almost unblemished by its shadow, which consisted, more or less, of  ‘We don’t know but we do know that Jesus redeemed us sinners by suffering for us’,  I am impelled towards a declaration of

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