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by June McLeod

June McLeod invented her unique method of using colour with number to reveal insights and to highlight positives to expand upon and negatives to be aware of. Like the peeling of an onion, the chart will reveal many insights to those who have the required standard of colour knowledge, persistence to persevere and the patience to spend time studying the system for professional use.

For personal use June has written her book –  Colour Numerology – the karmagraph, in the book June explains in-depth how to create a chart and how to start exploring and reading a completed chart. The book contains 160 blank charts to use.

The completed chart can reveal aspects of self that may be overlooked, personality type, weaknesses and strengths. Will help with life choices, by encouraging taking action, show potential and will reveal hidden aspects of the inner self. Once revealed, the positive aspects of the chart can be magnified and expanded upon to support the journey through life. The negative aspects that arise can be dealt with in an appropriate manner to ensure they do least damage and do not hinder.

The chart can support many of your life’s choices by showing you whether a house move, date of a career move is best for you while also highlighting  a relationships highs and lows to show the best time to move house, move job and where work and compromise is needed to support a strong relationship. Easy to draw up and once grasped, easy to understand for personal use.

Your birth date is brought down to three single digits, these are then added together to reveal the fourth number, key colour/number to work with to ease your journey through life. The three birthdate numbers each have their own meanings. More than one person can be added onto a chart.

A fascinating and accurate way to work with colour and number using birth dates.

To discover your special colour influence using colour numerology add together your birth date, birth month and year of birth until you arrive at a single digit for each.


20 – 12 – 1973

2 – 3 – 2

Add these three together to reveal the fourth number, in this case 7.

The fourth number corresponds to a colour that represents your soul colour.

1 = Red

2 = Orange

3 = Yellow

4 = Green

5 = Sky Blue

6 = Indigo

7 = Violet

8 = Magenta

9 = Gold

An example of some of the attributes you may want to bring in and incorporate in your life to support you are as follows. In my books Colours of the Soul and the upcoming Colour Psychology Today I go into far more depth, both books have excellent colour indexs and are brimming with useful colour attributes, index and colour numerology information for you.

Red – The Motivator

Reds crave attention, they have a spirit of adventure and are enthusiastic, usually see things through to completion if working in the positive.Bursting with energy when passionate about subject.

Orange – The Motivator

Independent and have a good sense of humour. Prone to sit on the fence, dislike confrontation. Enjoy travel and movement. The original diplomat.

Yellow – The Intellectual

Social butterflies and the original networkers, analytic with strong sense of self, has strong will power and determination to bring about change.

Green – The Peacemaker

Good listeners, dependable and love good food. Mediators. Great love of the outdoors and nature.

Sky Blue – The Communicator

Inventive and talkative, never a dull moment when in full form. Enjoy team sports, strive to nurture team spirit.

Indigo – The Entrepreneur

Integrity, honesty and working for the greater good of the whole.Creative and will bring many innovative and new ways of working.

Violet – The Idealist

Easy going and genuine if left to their own devices, like to work on own initiative. Teach by example and can bring many positive changes about for friends colleagues.

Magenta – The Leader

Natural flair for all things business. Practical and down to earth. Capable of making dreams a reality.

Gold – The Wise Counsellor

Very knowledgable with a natural wisdom that is gleaned from careful study of the world around them, human nature and life. Most lead an interesting and adventurous life.

June McLeod is a colour consultant, colour-trends forecaster, intuitive, motivational trainer and author. With an esteemed colour career spanning more than thirty years, June’s dynamic and innovative work with colour is legendary. She is an original thinker with an international client base that reflects her substantial knowledge and continuing success.

Visit her website:


Colour Psychology Today by June McLeod

Colour Psychology Today reveals new colour psychology information that comes from the author’s pioneering research and studies on colour. The book discloses unique knowledge on how colour psychology impacts on the business world and the individual, borne out of the author’s extensive work as a colour consultant and trainer that spans more than thirty years.
Colour Psychology Today is unlike any other colour psychology book available. It is a ‘must have’ for colour enthusiasts, branding experts, marketeers, advertising execs, graphic designers, and anyone who would like to expand and develop the application of colour in their field of work.


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