Colour on Sleep Patterns

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by June McLeod

I decided to look deeper into the impact of bedding colour on sleep patterns. Does the colour of sheets and pillow slips impact on sleep? And if so, how much? And what are the effects?

Traditionally, indigo and deep blue were the colours to use in the bedroom. I wanted to test this, as I felt that it was old news, and having successfully colour branded a number of bedding manufacturers’ goods in a delicious array of both neutrals and coloured designs, I felt that it was high time to possibly change the thinking around deep blue being the colour to entice sleep. So in the same room with an identical bed, setting and furniture and with two bedside lamps, the experiment began, using volunteers. Each night a different set of sheets were slept in. The duvet was plain and white, the sheets pure cotton. We rotated the volunteers to achieve a fair representation and results.

The colours used for the experiment were:

white, taupe, pink, green, spice, grey, black and navy.

The sheets were used on the bed and an over sheet to maximise colour exposure.

I suggested white to be the overall winner prior to the experiment commencing, and I was right. The all-white bedding came top as the clear winner. One volunteer tested navy, spice and white. He dreamt and experienced a disturbed sleep in spice, woke up once during the night in navy, yet slept through in white.

White consistently came tops throughout, bar one volunteer who slept like a log in all of the colours!

June McLeod is a colour consultant, colour-trends forecaster, intuitive, motivational trainer and author. With an esteemed colour career spanning more than thirty years, June’s dynamic and innovative work with colour is legendary. She is an original thinker with an international client base that reflects her substantial knowledge and continuing success.

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