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I cannot fully remember when my relationship with crystals began, it coincided with my relationship to Reiki.  My Reiki master, suggested I could do with a Lapis Lazuli pendant to help my throat chakra blockage.  So I trotted off to a lovely little shop in Winchester, tucked away in a quiet corner, and found not just a beautiful Lapis pendant, but also a book that the owner recommended: Love is in the Earth – A Kaleidoscope of Crystals, by Melody.  This book remains on my shelf in a handy spot, always reachable.

I then found myself on a course by Hazel Raven being held in Bournemouth.  When she got her tool kit of crystals out and began to grid one of the participants, I suddenly felt as though a wall of energy had been built in front of me.  And when I myself got gridded, I felt as though I was floating in the air.  And when the Moldavite came out!!!!  I had to leave the room to get my head straight.

I have countless books on crystal healing in my collection, I have Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible I and II in both french and english, and used it to help sell on the french markets, I have to replace them regularly as they are well thumbed!  I have a books worth of experience with working with crystals for healing both myself and others, and it is interesting to note that I had been working with a brand new stone Nuummite along with one of my trusted favourites Selenite, just a week before I got made publisher of O Books 🙂

Interestingly we do not currently have many books on crystals, I think there are a couple in the pipeline, but today I would like to give you an important extract from Judy Hall’s Crystal Prescriptions:

Re-energizing Your Crystals

Crystals can be placed on Quartz or Carnelian to re-energize them but an excellent energizer is the light of the sun.  Red and yellow crystals particularly enjoy being placed in the sun to energize them, and white and pale-coloured crystals respond well to the moon, but all crystals can benefit from a day of sunlight and white crystals can be left overnight in the light of the moon. (Be careful if you are placing crystals on a window sill to energize them.  Sunlight focused through a crystal can be a fire hazard and delicate crystals will lose their colour quickly.)  Some brown crystals such as Smokey Quartz, which are well grounded, respond to being place on or in the earth for a short time.  If you bury a crystal, remember to mark its position clearly.

To add my own twopenneth.  Putting your crystals out in a storm works well too.  I also use a tuning fork to cleanse my crystals, particularly after a healing session. Tap the tuning fork on the crystal and surround the stone with the sound.

Healing with crystals is effective and powerful.  My belief is that it is your intention that works with the energy of the crystal vibration to create the desired effect.  You don’t need the biggest, best or most specialist of crystal.  A simple polished stone will work just as well as a ruby encrusted wand, once handled by Merlin!

My all time favourite crystals are: In no particular order!

  • Clear quartz for healing work and gridding
  • Rose Quartz for family rooms and unconditional love
  • Amethyst for general healing and any addictions and addictive behaviours
  • Selenite for calming and deep healing, and in particular for cutting cords and working on deep blockages
  • Malachite for emotional trauma
  • Flourite to calm a scattered mind and relieve stress
  • Lapis Lazuli for those times when you need to have your say
  • Hematite for ‘the morning after the night before’ – it is an excellent blood cleanser
  • Moonstone, should be given to all female relatives!
  • Apophylite – should be placed in your Reiki treatment room to amplify the energy
  • And if you really want to shake up your life and be forced to make the changes that need to happen – Moldavite!!!!  Handle with care

I could go on and on and on, I should just write a book!

Maria Barry June 2012





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  1. Jane Daily says:

    What is the procedure for getting permission to use information from Judy Hall’s book Crystal Prescriptions? Please advise.

    Jane Daily

  2. Jane Daily says:

    We are developing a web site that is offering healing Orgone. Orgone is a metaphysical tool to help block the EMF from the environment where the Orgone device is located. In addition, we add a variety of healing stones to the Orgone. We will be offering people the ability to create their own Orgone with crystals of their choice. Our customers will be able to create their own pieces by selecting which stones best fit their needs. We would like to utilize her prescription guide to aid them in their decision making. We would absolutely have links to both her site and publishing site as well as crediting her and her book. Is there a way to obtain the A-Z pages that we would upload to our site?
    We would like to send you a piece of our Orgone and you can see what we are talking about.
    Thank you for your time and consideration!
    Jane Daily

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