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Just 0.99 for the eBook version of this selection of books.




Angelic Healing for physical and spiritual harmony.

Angel Healing & Alchemy – How To Begin

Angela McGerr

In Angel Healing & Alchemy the reader will learn the true significance of mighty Melchisadec, Prince of Peace, as well as of Sacred Seven and the Seventh Ray of Violet. This practical handbook teaches firstly how to work with angels and to develop “clair” skills, to feel and sense the presence of the angels.




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If you want to get ahead, get a cycle! For women who want to create life-success in a female way.

The Optimized Woman

Miranda Gray

If you want to get ahead, get a cycle. The menstrual cycle consists of Optimum Times – days of heightened performance skills and abilities. When we match the task to the time we have the opportunity to excel beyond our expectations. We can achieve goals and success more easily, get ahead in the workplace, and enhance our feelings of fulfilment.

At last a book that teaches us to how to harness the power of our cyclic nature!  Amy Sedgwick, Red Tent Sisters



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A woman in search of enlightenment travels to India and  emerges with a more mature understanding of life and love.

Pilgrimage on the Path of Love

Barbara Ann Briggs

Pilgrimage on the Path of Love is the story of a woman on the spiritual path who travels alone to India. Arriving in New Delhi, expecting to be her publisher’s guest, she finds herself instead in a Buddhist guest house with lamas from Ladakh. There she is introduced to Tibetan Buddhism and befriends a lama. Traveling to a Himalayan hill station to write, and living very simply, she meets people from all over the world who share their wisdom of life.



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Taking therapy down to street level, a rock and roll guidebook to the science of the bleedin’ obvious.

Play From Your F*****g Heart

Jerry Hyde

Play From Your Fucking Heart offers absolutely no new wisdom whatsoever. In fact, it could be called an eco book, as its entire contents are recycled. Indeed, it is written with the stated belief that there is no new wisdom, that in fact the experience a reader has whenever they read something and go “Oh wow, that’s really deep,” is one of already knowing, of a part of themselves that was already there waking up to an eternal collective truth.




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A pioneering guide for awakening to the consciousness of your Soul.


J. M. Harrison

YOU are THIS shares the author’s contemporary philosophy of One-duality wherein the phenomenal world is recognised as real, and the Non-dual direct experience of Awareness is realised to be the catalyst for actualising the presence of your Authentic Soul.




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All eBooks are available at just 0.99 until 5th April 2017




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