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Mike George is a best selling author, international speaker and spiritual teacher.  He guides, coaches and facilitates the personal and spiritual development of people in communities and companies in over thirty countries.  As a management tutor he brings together the three key strands of the 21st century; spiritual/emotional intelligence; management/leadership development and continuous ‘unlearning’. As an inspirational speaker, experienced facilitator and meditation teacher each year he leads a series of Awareness Retreats worldwide.




When change equals choice

In a world where our education seeks to prepare us for the ‘production/consumption’ society, we learn how to make choices at the supermarket and in the holiday brochures. Unfortunately we receive no education regarding how to choose and change our beliefs and our feelings. No one shows us how our thoughts and feelings are rooted in our beliefs and that there are more enlightened choices that can transform our life and therefore our destiny. Awareness leads to seeing, which leads to understanding, which leads to expansion of choice. And that leads to the self-created opportunity to change.

Mike’s publications include

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  • I would recommend this wondrous teacher of hope to anyone looking for a way to learn cleanly and clearly about love.~ Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living Today


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