Finding Your Wise Mind

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by Leora Fulvio

Your wise mind is your gut feeling, it is when you know something to be true in your bones; everyonehas a wise mind. It might be so quiet that you think it does not exist, but it exists in almost all of us. Your wise mind is the part of you that intuitively understands the truth. It is your intuition mixed with your knowledge of information that feels right and healthy. Your wise mind exists to help you to know truly what is the best decision for you on a deep, heart level. When you find your wise mind and learn to listen to it in order to make decisions or gain information about how you feel, you will find that you are more peaceful andconfident about your decisions. You will have much less self-doubt and anxiety and more confidence. In eating disorders, the voice of the wise mind is often drowned out by the voice of Ed. When you find your wise mind, you will trudge through the violent ocean of voices and come to find the quiet peaceful voice of your truth. You will tune out the loud unyielding eating disorder voice and only listen to your wise mind. Ed might not stop talking, you might still hear him; however, you can choose not to listen and not to engage with that voice, but instead to truly listen to the voice that is wise and nurturing. To find your wise mind, follow these steps:

1.   Close your eyes, put your hand on your chest and find your heartbeat. Just allow yourself to be with the beating of your heart as you find calmness in the rhythm of your beating heart.

2.   In your mind’s eye, locate your inner core. The inner core is the strength inside of you, the light that guides you on a daily basis. It might be very dim, barely shining, but it is there and the more you focus on it, the stronger it becomes.

3.   Notice what it looks like, and notice what it feels like inside of you.

4.   How do you feel as you focus on this part of yourself?

5.   Ask to speak to the wise self that lives inside your inner core. Just wait as she emerges. You might see your wise self as you, except strong, glowing, effervescent, ethereal, and illuminated. You might see your wise self as your 200-year-old self. You might see your wise self as someone you know who has passed away or someone who is still alive that you look up to. You might even see your wise self as an animal. Just wait to see who emerges for you and then spend some time there with your wise self. Your wise mind is part of your wise self.

6.   Ask your wise self what it is that you need right now, and just listen. Don’t try to force an answer, just be silent, continue to breathe, and listen.

7.   Draw a picture of your inner core and your wise self to remind yourself visually of what you always have inside of you.

Whenever you are sad, in trouble, in pain, stressed out, put your hand on your chest, take a few deep breaths, visualize the picture you drew and ask: “What is it that I need?” If you are quiet and you listen, you will most likely find the solution inside of yourself.

You will begin to realize that food, dieting, all those external solutions are not actually solutions; that what you need is what you already have inside of you.

It will probably be tough to find an answer at first; you might not hear any answers even the first several times, but continue doing this exercise. Just like building muscle strength, building core strength takes time, patience, faith and dedication. As you continue, you will find a deep internal strength that will guide you through the worst of times. It’s simple and it is always there for you.

Leora Fulvio, MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist), is a licensed psychotherapist and hypnotherapist practicing in San Francisco. She has been treating women with food and body-image issues since 1999. She is passionate about helping women heal from the tyranny of eating disorders and self-reproach. When she is not working with clients or writing about healing, she enjoys relaxing with her husband and son.


Reclaiming Yourself from Binge Eating – A Step-By-Step Guide to Healing, is published by Ayni Books, March 2014. ISBN: 978-1-78099-680-6 (Paperback) £15.99 $26.95. EISBN: 978-1-78099-681-3 (eBook) £6.99 $9.99.

  • Paperback £15.99 || $26.95
  • Mar 28, 2014. 978-1-78099-680-6.
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  • Mar 28, 2014. 978-1-78099-681-3.
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