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by Altazar Rossiter


The initial reaction amongst many conscious people to the US election result is shock and despair. You might think that this is natural, but I doubt that it is.

As the results were coming in I could feel the energies of fear building in the collective. I slept little overnight, and with the declaration I noticed a huge wave of fear surge through the ‘matrix’.

The world’s populations have been programmed and controlled through fear for age upon age. The causes and reasons for this are outside mainstream understanding – and may be irrelevant. For the strategy of fear is losing its impact – that’s one of the reasons electoral turn-out is generally low in the western ‘democratic’ arena. It demonstrates the growing disaffection of the populace. The consequence of this is that the fear level is being escalated so as to maintain control, but this escalation is actually self-defeating as it’s showing the cracks in the social order ever more clearly.

The control that’s been imposed on humanity for so long is executed through distraction from the Divine Brilliance that inhabits each and every one of us. That distraction is implemented through imprinting fear supported by institutionalised false negative belief systems that invalidate you – or outlaw you – for non-compliance.

This control is doubled when it leads to the negative emotions of resignation and despair – more distraction from your Divine Brilliance.

So the way through all of this is to ground into your own Divine Brilliance. You do this as follows:
· Appreciate all the blessings that you personally enjoy – and have enjoyed.
· Focus on what brings you peace and an expanded feeling of joy in your heart and own your gratitude for all of this.
· From this place you bless everyone else in the world with compassion and kindness as they follow the life they choose to lead.



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