Happiness is an inside job

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By Barbara Berger

When we understand this basic mechanism – that our thinking determines our experience – we also understand that happiness or unhappiness is not the result of outer circumstances, or events, or other people’s choices and actions. But rather, happiness or unhappiness is the result of each individual’s interpretation of what is going on. Thus we see that happiness or unhappiness is a purely subjective experience.

This is why I always say happiness or unhappiness is an “inside job”! Because happiness or unhappiness all depend on how each person views and interprets the situations and circumstances he or she is living with and in.

This is the mechanism of mind: Our thinking determines our experience.

This is what determines your experience and my experience.

Things happen and then we each react according to our belief systems.

Things happen and we each react based on our background, upbringing, beliefs, and practiced ways of thinking and reacting.

So your happiness depends on your thinking.

And it’s the same for your partner, your child, your parents, and your friends. Their thinking determines their experience. This is why happiness is an “inside” job – for everyone. There is no exception to this rule.

You have an Inner Compass. You have an amazingly accurate and reliable Inner Compass that is working all the time. An Inner Compass that is constantly giving you guidance and information as to what is best for you and whether or not you are in alignment with who you really are.

And how does the Inner Compass do this? It does this by means of your emotions. Your emotions are the way in which the Inner Compass lets you know how you are doing. When you feel good, when you feel a sense of ease and flow, enthusiasm and joy in your life, these good-feeling emotions are an indication that you are in alignment with who you really are. When you feel less than good, when you feel a sense of discomfort, frustration, overwhelmed, anxious or distressed in any way, these negative emotions are an indication that you are out of alignment and not doing what’s best for you.

Many people are afraid that if they follow their Inner Compass, they will make the people in their lives unhappy. They mistakenly think or fear that their choices and behavior will displease others and be the cause of another person’s displeasure or unhappiness. It could be their partner, their parents, their children, their friends. Again, the list of possible people we believe our words and actions might displease is endless! But it all comes down to the fear that if you or I do what feels best to us – it might make someone else unhappy.

But now that we understand the mechanism of mind – that each person’s thinking and belief systems are what determine their experience – we can see that our choices cannot actually make another person unhappy. It’s just not possible.

After leaving the US in the mid-60s in protest against the Vietnam War, Barbara Berger settled in Scandinavia and continued her quest to learn more about the science of the mind, the nature of consciousness, metaphysics, traditional spirituality and psychology. In her books, Barbara Berger explores the incredible power of mind and how to use this power wisely. Her message is relevant in these turbulent times, because an understanding of how the mind works is the key to living a happy life.

Today, Barbara lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition to her books, Barbara also gives workshops and offers private coaching sessions to individuals who wish to work intensely with her.

For more about Barbara Berger, see her website: www.beamteam.com

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