I’m Still With You by Carole J. Obley

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I would like to add something of a personal nature to this blog. Yesterday I had a chakra balancing treatment with a wonderful lady in my corner of rural France. During this session she brought through my first husband who I lost, after a battle with ill health, in 2006. He wanted me to know that he had not wanted to leave me and our three children, but that his body had given out on him. He felt that his illness had put such a burden on our family unit (long term issues with diabetes), that there had been a relief in passing over. His passing would enable us to move on. He also wanted me to forgive him for leaving and that forgiving him would help me to move forward. I cried, I mopped up, I felt an amazing healing had taken place.

I went back to work in the afternoon, looking to see what book was next in line for backlist PR. Carole J. Obley’s 2008 book I’m Still With You. Just in case I had needed anymore validation, here it was in all it’s divine glory.

Maria Barry, Head of Publicity


All eyes fixate on me as I stand before a gathering of nearly 300 people in a large conference room at an expo center. Most have come with a fragile heart, an open mind and, above all, a very personal agenda: to hear messages through me – a psychic medium – from their deceased loved ones. As always, I have faith that those in spirit will not disappoint and am confident that profound healing will occur in this very room before the afternoon is over. Silently, I scan the audience and am instantly drawn to a young woman sitting two rows back.

“A man about your age is near you in spirit,” I say directly to her. “He is muscular with tattoos on his right arm, and is with a German shepherd. He tells me that you have this dog’s food bowl and moved it recently from one place to another. Do you recognize him?”

“Yes, yes I do,” the woman responds timidly, tears forming in her eyes. “He’s my brother, Ron. That dog was his favorite, and I did move the dog’s bowl last week.”

“He talks about leaving life feeling very confused,” I continue. “Ron says that you and your family felt like that, too. You have unanswered questions about his death. As I connect with him, I feel fuzziness in my head, as if he were on drugs. Does this make sense?”

“Yes, it does,” she softly sobs. “He died from a heroin overdose. We didn’t even know he was using drugs. My mother [pointing to the woman at her left] is devastated by his death, as am I. Does he have anything to say to us?”

I listen with my inner ear for a message. It comes.

“He’s sorry for leaving you in the way he did. He gives me the feeling that you and he had words before his death and that you didn’t have the chance to heal that. He wants you to forgive him for being so stubborn, as he often was. Again he says he’s sorry.”

Both women cry and hold hands. The power behind the words is so palpable it touches me as deeply as it does them. Yet I must detach emotionally and move onto other audience members who are awaiting a similarly intimate spiritual dialogue. My attention goes to a dark-haired woman in the back row. I address her by saying, “A woman with white hair and wire-rimmed glasses is coming through with the name of Helen. She died from heart problems. She wants you to know that the child who crossed over on your mother’s side of the family is with your mother. Please tell this child’s mother that she is safe and whole again.”

“Oh, my God!” the woman gasps. “Our family was just talking about my sister’s young daughter who died last year. My sister has been in so much grief since Carrie died from a brain tumor. I will definitely pass this message from our Gram along. Thank you so much!”

Spirit moves me along to the middle section of the audience for another message. “Someone sitting in this area has had three passings, all male, all very close together and from the same cause: a sudden heart attack. The name Joseph is associated with you, as is the state of Ohio,” I say to the entire section.

A middle-aged man raises his hand halfway and says nervously, “I think you might be talking to me. My father is Joseph and two of his brothers and my cousin died within the last year from heart attacks. I drove here today for your program from my hometown in Ohio.”

The man reaches for a tablet on the floor to take notes. Confident I’ve reached the right person, I continue.

“Your father comes through and urges you to help his brother’s wife who is in need of your support right now. Please tell her she will be fine and to go on with her life. Your uncle is at peace and still with her in spirit.”

For almost a decade, I’ve had the remarkable experience of communicating with many souls in the spirit world through doing readings in both private and group settings. The sessions I’ve written about in this book are representative of thousands I’ve done in which deceased loved ones communicate their continued existence after death, which has provided extraordinary healing for their surviving family members, spouses and friends. My hope in sharing these stories is that more light will be shed on the phenomenon of mediumship and its value in healing grief and transforming people spiritually. I am convinced that the more we know about the process of dying and the spirit world, the less fear we will harbor when we are confronted by death. I also include a chapter on after-death communications that are experienced without assistance from a medium, because many people in my private and group readings have discussed having them. I feel it is important for others who have had similar occurrences to understand that they are not alone in receiving these messages from heaven. Last, but certainly not least, I want to give hope and comfort to those in grief by offering practical tools that I frequently recommend to my clients and teach in workshops.

When I began to write this book, my main intent was to present spirit communication from a genuine standpoint that would touch readers’ hearts and minds. I decided that the most effective way to do this was to show – through transcripts from actual readings and follow-up interviews – how ordinary people who were grieving over the loss of loved ones were positively transformed by hearing from them beyond the veil of death.



I’m Still With You

Carole J. Obley

These stories uplift, comfort and heal and show how love helps us grieve.

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