Interview with Dancing with the Stars Contestant Lindsey Stirling

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Lindsey Stirling, the “Rock Star Violinist” who broke onto the modern music scene with the arresting sounds from her violin, is now on Dancing with the Stars 2017 partnering professional dancer Mark Ballas.




Here is an Interview conducting in Machel Shull’s book, Live Love Soul

Lindsey, seeing your concert at the Henry Fonda Theatre was one of my top inspirational moments of 2013. Your performance and your message inspired not only me, but everyone there from all age groups. What encouraging words could you share on how to follow dreams without compromising spirit?

Lindsey Stirling: I think there are definitely forces among us for good and forces that are not. Ultimately, we have to decide where we stand, what our beliefs are, and what we are and are not willing to do before we get put into that situation where we have to choose. When I am pressured to make a choice, especially where my morals are concerned, it is easier to do the right thing when I have really already made that decision a long time ago. The bottom line is that if you don’t know where you stand it will be very easy for others to use you, manipulate you, and pressure you into doing things you might later regret. I know that as I pursue my dreams I have to constantly remind myself of why I started my journey in the first place and not allow myself to get lost in the process.

What I loved about your musical performance was also how you interacted with the crowd. You spoke inspiring words to build up each person there on the value of staying true to yourself and pursuing your dreams. Can you give an example that defined your own courage when you prevailed because you chose to live a soulful journey by following your own heart? What happened after that? Were you surprised by the results of how ‘staying true to yourself’ was exactly what attracted so many devoted fans and those who admire your music?

Lindsey Stirling: From the very beginning it was very important to me not only to succeed, but to show the world that I could do so on my own terms and without compromising myself or my standards. I wanted to be an example and prove that it could be done. Little did I know how difficult that was going to be, ha ha! I was given several promising opportunities that were extremely tempting; opportunities that I had to turn down. For example, during my first year after America’s Got Talent, a popular mainstream artist wanted to collaborate with me and I was absolutely thrilled! But once I heard the lyrics of the song I was supposed to cover and I started looking at their album, I realized that the music wasn’t something I could support. Not only did I have to tell them “no thanks” after having already told them “yes” (super-awkward!), I also started feeling discouraged. I began thinking that, maybe, in order to be a popular artist I really would have to compromise some things…and that was something I was unwilling to do. But I have never been one to give up easily! I kept working and praying and moving forward. That same year I released “Crystallize,” and it changed everything.* To say I was surprised by its success would be an understatement, ha ha, but it felt amazing to have succeeded despite the odds, and without compromising myself in the process.

In 2011, you reached over 400 million views and 3 million subscribers to your videos on YouTube, then went on to sell out worldwide in concert in 2013. The accolades continue… How did that feel? Do you think your commitment to your soul, and your courage to keep your vision, is what took you the distance and still is today?

Lindsey Stirling: When I started pursuing a career in music I did so with the attitude that “If I am meant to do this, God will help make it happen. If I’m not, then I guess I’ll find out.” Ha ha. I wanted it so badly and I really felt like my Heavenly Father wanted me to succeed too. After America’s Got Talent, I was simply devastated because I had felt so strongly that I was inspired to compete and that my Heavenly Father had wanted me to do well. I didn’t realize it at that time, but He had other plans for me, and I just needed to be patient, move forward, and find out what those plans were. I really believe that I have been given the opportunity to tour the world and share my music because I have a message to share. I love interacting with people and I want to empower and inspire and make this world a better place. I suppose that ultimately it is love—love for others, love of music, love of God, love of myself—that has gotten me to this point.

If you could give one message to someone reading this who could be at a ‘crossroads’ and feel like they want to quit because fear has set in or their critics say it’s impossible, what would you tell them on why they must not give up?


Lindsey Stirling: It is those moments of despair, when we think that all is lost and that we should just give up, that make or break us. Do we try again, do we open a new door, do we push forward with faith? Or do we let the pressures of life crush our resolve? Looking back on my life, it was during those times when I felt like giving up that I had almost succeeded. I think that if it were possible for us to see into the


future—if we could see what would happen to us if we didn’t give up—we wouldn’t.

I also noticed how you shared so much sincere gratitude with your fans. Do you think that gratitude is a key element to being more soulful? Do you think that has been a catalyst to your sell-out concerts and devoted fan base because you seem to share an ‘open heart’ with them on stage?

Lindsey Stirling: I believe that sincere gratitude is the key to happiness. When I visited Kenya, I was expecting to see the typified poverty we often see of Africa on the news. However, the people I saw were some of the happiest, healthiest, most beautiful people I had ever met.* I asked myself how they could be so happy when they had so little—by most world standards they were very poor. But these people were so grateful for the little they had. I realized that I didn’t need material possessions or fame or the perfect house or the perfect job to be happy. I could choose to be happy by appreciating what I already had. I am indeed extremely grateful to my fans all over the world who have listened to my music, bought my album, come to my concerts…it’s all so humbling and I feel so very honored that they are willing to take part in this epic journey with me.

What do you do to enrich your spirit and bring fulfillment to your personal life?

Lindsey Stirling: Honestly I love what I do for a living, and I feel very blessed to say that almost everything I get to do as part of that (performing, making videos, creating music, interacting with people) is extremely fulfilling. My work is my play. But when I’m not ‘working,’ I love spending time with my family and friends back at home. I can usually convince them to do silly random things with me (makes for great videos, ha ha).* I love playing board games with my family. I love ice cream. And on rare occasions I enjoy a good movie.

How has your passion for music grounded you and given you soul wings to fly?

Lindsey Stirling: I feel like the music I create is an extension of me. The fantastic thing about music is that it has the ability to communicate without words. There is something divine about it…and it has a way of extracting beauty from within us. I have often found a greater understanding of myself through the music I create. Not only has the creation process been liberating for me, but creating music has also given me the freedom to live my dreams.

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