Introducing The Morning Muse

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by Octavia Williams

The Morning Muse is a sharing and a gift of Love.

As part of the activity of the Center for Living Truth, it is a collection of spiritual revelations that have been coming through in meditation since December 2012 and e-mailed in the morning to those signed up to receive them.

This book of spiritual guidance and inspiration invites the serious seeker to discover not only their divinity, but the Master within. Comprising over 250 statements of Truth, it provides the missing link to living in the world, actually free of human lacks and limitations, and awakened from the illusion of separation from one’s true Self. It can bring about life-changing results immediately. This is because the conscious awareness of Truth through one’s own experience of Oneness breaks apart the mental constructs that have been holding beliefs, opinions and concepts in place, controlling life and obscuring Reality.

This book allows one to experience True Being, not just read about it. Knowing the letter of Truth is important, but ultimately does nothing just floating on the surface of our intellect. It must be assimilated into, dwelt with, tasted. More than words, we need enlightened understanding. We need to slow down, take our time, and realize it is the mind that wants the quick fix, the instant remedy. Revelation comes about in the absence of the time-mind and in the Silence behind the words.

Therefore, if taken into contemplation and allowed, the muse will unfold itself at deeper and ever expanding levels of Consciousness, bringing to Light the inherent Truth for any one individual at any one time.

The benefits are indescribable. But, if we are longing for spiritual transformation, we must be willing to live the Truth—to practice the principles consistently for them to work in our daily lives and bring about the harmony and fulfillment they promise. When we are an empty vessel, a clear channel, a transparency, the Kingdom of Heaven will open up and reveal Itself to be within the very Being that we are.


Take no thought, and in that Silence,

listen to what the Heart is saying;

It is the compass of your Soul.

When we go into the silence to meditate we must remember

that it is not just a silence of sound and thought that we are

after; more importantly, it is the silence of the “personality”

in time and space.

Open the book to any random page, meeting what you see with an open Consciousness. If the muse is read quietly, in the stillness of thought, and as the Silence of Soul, the Truth behind the words will speak what is meant for you to hear at that time.


The Morning Muse – Mystical Revelations to Live By

by Octavia Williams

This book of spiritual guidance and inspiration, invites the serious seeker to discover not only their divinity, but the Master within.

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