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Machel Shull is the author the International Bestselling book, MIDDLE AGE BEAUTY, an inspirational self-help book for women. As a former International Face model and an actress, Machel shares the nitty-gritty on aging, and exposes the pressures women receive to buy into a billion-dollar industry of Botox. Her background and study include seven years of meditation with the great-grand daughter, Michiko Jane Rolek of the first Zen Master in America, Sokei-an Sasaki. LIVE LOVE SOUL, A Soul’s Guide to Happy is her second non-fiction book. Machel lives in Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

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Non Judgment

What does it mean?

Non: Not doing; not involved with; ‘non-aggression.’

Judgment: The act or process of judging; the formation of an opinion after consideration or deliberation.

Think of this as more like being non-judgmental in an instant. Try saying “non-judgment” in your mind and see if it helps you to eliminate that negativity cycle of wanting to judge others.

What happens when I do this?

Well, I don’t use up my thoughts with negative thoughts. I tune out devaluing someone else with a judgment that could be based on the wrong circumstance. We do not know what happened to this person today. We don’t know why the homeless person is homeless. We don’t know why that driver just flipped us off at the stop sign. So don’t react. Don’t judge. Teach your mind to be calm and insert these two powerful words.

Learn how to tap out the judgment part of your mind in your daily thoughts.

What can I do instead with my thoughts? Channel a nice prayer toward the stranger. Shoot one right at them! Zing them with well-wishes. Don’t spoil your time with hazardous thoughts that can spoil your mind. Stop them in their tracks. Learn to make space for peace and beauty. Shut out that critical voice that wants to be so critical of others. You have the power to silence it!

This has helped me find so much solace and peace over the years. You know, we are each just trying to survive. We are each just trying to survive our own journey. So be nice and try not to be right. Send love from your thoughts. Your powerful thinking toward others in a gentle and peaceful manner benefits you the most. And also them. You are signaling a positive energy to them. You are sending them blessings versus judgment and belittling thoughts. Send love! Maybe there is a chance they can feel that. You might be shifting their day with the power of love.

Remember these two powerful words: non judgment. Let those two definitions do their work and give your mind a break from the idle chit-chatter.

After all, life is but a vapor…so don’t waste it with mean, critical thoughts.



Middle Age Beauty

ISBN: 978-1-78099-574-8 £9.99 / $16.95


“MIDDLE AGE BEAUTY: Soulful secrets from a former face model living Botox free in her forties,”







Live Love Soul

ISBN: 978-1-78279-284-0 £12.99 / $21.95


LIVE LOVE SOUL: A Soul’s Guide to Happy, invites you to explore habits and exercises that can help you discover your own inner joy.

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