What is Spiritual Love?

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To ‘speak’ about love is to speak about what you are. To ‘live’ as love is to be yourself. To ‘do’ love is to create an expression of what you are according to the situation you are in and whoever may be in front of you. There are not different ‘types’ of love, there is only one love, but there are many faces and forms of love as it finds its way through us all and out into the world. Compassion, care, respect, forgiveness are only a few of the almost infinite ways that the light of love can be felt, seen and known.

I never knew all this. No one taught me any of this. And the vast majority of us seem to be unaware of this. Which is probably why the world is now a place filled with so many conflicted relationships and so many unhappy people. It explains why the simplest definition of ‘stress’ is the absence of love in relationship, and why life and living can be an equally miserable experience for those who apparently ‘have everything’, as it can be for those who ‘have nothing’. Happiness is impossible without love. Not the love ‘for’ something and not even the love ‘of ’ someone. Just the ‘presence’ of love …actually!

If only I had known this when I was knee high to a grasshopper. If only my largely wasted time in school had just the smallest input into the true meaning of love. If only my responsible, dedicated, kind and hard-working parents had been able to pass on some wisdom about the very essence of life. If only! But they didn’t. They couldn’t. They too were as unaware as so many of us seem to be about the true meaning of love.

So here we go. A book about love. Please don’t expect a relationship manual, or a treatise on how to find the perfect lover, or indeed how to fall in love. To bring love to those levels only sustains our limited understanding about love. This is more an investigation as to why love is so frequently absent, avoided or simply misunderstood, both in the microcosm of a personal relationship and in the macrocosm of life itself. In the process, we may catch a glimpse of the truth about love as we realize that what we think is love is something almost entirely different. There is only one small challenge. Words are not enough. Words get in the way of knowing love. They cloud the territory of the heart. The language of words is by nature dualistic. Love, however, is beyond opposites. Ultimately love has no opposite. It is the very fabric that holds together all that exists at all levels. Love is like an invisible matrix that connects everything and everyone. Even when it appears that things, people and even our own minds, are separated and falling apart, the light of love is ever present in the background. Words can never come close to love, which is why all spiritual texts concerned with love can only signpost the way, can only point in the direction where you may see, realize and come to know love for your self.

This is why there is also an inherent contradiction in writing about love, especially a book with the subtitle that indicates a ‘journey from head to heart’. Books, or more precisely words and sentences, are ideas and concepts that come from the head and can only live in the head, as thoughts. At best they can point to the heart, the inner world of awareness and feelings, but they can never go there. Just as the word ‘water’ has never made you wet, so the word ‘love’ can never make you know, feel, or realise, love is what you are.

While what happens in your head can be an expression of your heart, you will have to leave your head to return to your heart. Which basically means you’ll have to go beyond ‘thinking about’ love to know love and be love… again.

Loss of Meaning

Ask a room full of people to define love and it’s likely you’ll gather just as many definitions as there are people in the room. Love is probably one of the most used, misused and abused words in our language. This is also why, while it may be easy to ‘talk the talk of love’, it’s far from easy to ‘walk the walk’ of love.

The main reason why we share a common ignorance around the meaning of love, and a stunted ability to walk the walk, is not solely due to its elusiveness in terms of words, ideas and concepts. It’s more to do with our common loss of self-identity and self-awareness. Or more accurately, our tendency to invest our identity in something that we are not.

For many, this will not be a new idea, however you may not have noticed the subtleties of this habit. For others, this will be a new insight and possibly a revelation once it’s fully seen. But until you clearly see and understand the process by which you habitually lose your sense of self in some thing that you are not, you will never know true love.

millsnboomAnother factor that has contributed to love’s apparent disappearance from daily life is modern entertainment. It is in this context that love has been decimated, both by the mythology of romance and the glorification of material achievement. From children’s fairy stories, to the famed Mills and Boon tales of romance, to Hollywood’s glamorous representations of success and happiness, the idea of love has been squeezed, confined and limited.

The commercialization of the belief that love can only be found through personal achievement, the acquisition of products, or in an exclusive relationship, only makes love small, elusive and distant when, in truth, it is unlimited, huge and instantly accessible. This manipulation of the meaning of love also keeps us focused on an external search. Looking for love ‘out there’ only delays the discovery of love and blocks the entry of that love into our life when, in truth, it already lives in the last place we learn to look, in our own heart. In Part I we explore why we are so confused and distracted by the mythology that has grown around the idea of love!

Don’t Believe a Word

There is of course only one barrier to the rediscovery and realisation of the jewel in the crown of the human spirit and that is our oldest and dearest companion – the ego. When you understand the ego, you begin to understand almost everything. However, that understanding is only possible when you see for yourself how you create the ego within your self. If you study the ego academically through the eyes of the so-called ‘experts’ you are likely to become confused by concepts. But, if you can see how you create your ego, you will stand at the threshold of true freedom and the authentic happiness that accompanies that freedom.

If you already have some ‘learned concepts’ about ego, I would recommend that you put them on temporary hold and shift them into a storage cupboard within your consciousness. People like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung left us with a wonderful legacy of work, including their concepts of ego, the superego and the id etc. Their ideas underpin many schools of psychology and psychiatry. But you don’t need to know all that. They are more likely to get in the way. When we arrive at the ego in Part II, I recommend that you don’t believe a word that you read. However, don’t not believe either, but see if you can see what I describe for your self, in your self, about your self. I know it is possible to do so – it only depends on how interested you are, and how willing you are to give your self some time in self-reflection, contemplation and meditation. When you ‘see for your self ’, instead of just believing others, you then become the authority in your own life; you become the master of your consciousness again. This is as it should be.

One Self, One I, One YOU

Mike George is a best selling author, international speaker and spiritual teacher who guides, coaches and facilitates the personal and spiritual development of people in communities and companies in over thirty countries.


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