Meditation for Taurus by Joseph Polansky

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A spiritual perspective on the 12 signs of the zodiac, the horoscope, healing and spirituality.
People’s quirks and idiosyncrasies have deep spiritual roots. The horoscope shows us what they are. What are seen as flaws are really strengths deeply disguised or not used properly.
Every sign is in essence a spiritual force and function and denotes a person’s deepest urges. This book explains these urges. It also contains meditations for each of the signs, and the herbs, colors, gems and reflexology points that will most benefit each sign. There are chapters on the unique spiritual path for each sign and the healing modalities that are best for each – and much more.


Meditation for Taurus

“The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. The cattle on a thousand hills are mine. All that the Father – the God within – has, I have. I am a co-owner and co-administrator of all the riches of heaven and earth. Wealth is a law of my being. It is one of the natural attributes of my soul. I am wealthy because the mind of God is wealthy and I am a point through which it expresses its harmonious and lawful wealth here on Earth. This is the source of my wealth and well-being. This wealth does not rust, rot or diminish, nor can thieves steal or corrupt it. I am wealthy on the outside because I am wealthy on the inside. I am wealthy financially and in friendships. I am wealthy materially and mentally. I own all Divine Ideas. And in this realm I can own ALL and ALL would still be left for others. Therefore I am fearless and secure and there is no greed in my consciousness. I am happy wealth. I am harmonious wealth. I am at ease in my wealth. And though someday I will have to let go of the outer symbols of my wealth, the spiritual equivalents that come from within shall be ever with me.”

The gems of Taurus are emeralds and coral.

Its metal is copper.

Its scents are rose and vanilla.

Its herbs are red roses, vanilla, coltsfoot, columbine, lilies, and daisies.

Taurus rules the throat

The reflexology points for Taurus are the base of both thumbs and the base of both big toes.


A Spiritual Look at the 12 Signs – An Introduction to Spiritual Astrology

Joseph Polansky

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