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A Dawning Awareness of Spirit

By Chris Ratter

My earliest memory of spirit people, or shadow people as some like to call them, was when I was a very young child. My parents, two sisters and I lived in a council flat in an area of Edinburgh called Wardieburn. I remember waking up one night and seeing people walking down the hall beyond the open bedroom door, heading in the direction of the bathroom. This happened on several occasions as I lay awake and watched. To be honest, I was terrified. Eventually I mustered the courage to wake one of my sisters and together we went to have a look in the bathroom. There was no one there. I would see these shadow people walk down the hall almost every night.

The next experience that I can recall from memory was when I was staying at my grandparents’ house. I would stay with them almost every weekend and I would sleep in their bedroom on bunk beds at the side of their double bed. I remember waking my granny up most of the nights that I stayed there because there were people (shadow people) in the room. This always resulted in her comforting me. ‘They won’t hurt you,’ she would say. ‘In you come to my bed.’ I always found this to be very reassuring. I have really enjoyable memories of the visits to my grandparents.

I spent quite a lot of time by myself wandering around the grounds of the castle that my grandfather looked after and never really felt alone. Often I would be aware of speaking to myself in my own mind. I was constantly asking questions, and sometimes I would hear an answer. To keep myself amused when I was wandering around on my own I used to play a game in my mind. Now I can understand what it was that I was doing but at the time it was a just a game to me to see how far I could shift my consciousness to the side. Sometimes I was able to shift my consciousness (which felt like I had entered into another world or dimension) to such a degree that I would feel as if I was going to faint.

‘A strange game for a child to play,’ I can hear you say. Nevertheless, it was a game that I liked to play when I was on my own. I did not know that even back then my spirit friends were conducting experiments with me involving the altered states of trance. It was not until later on in my life, when I had some experience of trance mediumship, that I was able to begin to understand what had been happening all those years before.

Children are innocent when it comes to all things spiritual. When a child has an imaginary friend it may be imaginary to us, but it will seem very real to them. Children do not dismiss the Spirit World as easily as we do; they are openly receptive to whatever they see, feel and become aware of. Their minds have not been conditioned like those of adults. Children’s minds and thoughts are pure and uncorrupted. They are willing to accept anything and everything, seen and unseen, in our physical world. It is not uncommon for a child to tell their parents that they have spoken to loved ones (grandparents) who have visited them during the night or through the day. Often these loved ones have passed into the Spirit World before the child was born. Nonetheless the child is able to pick them out from a photograph.

Adults and parents should encourage their children to have an open mind concerning the Spirit World. They should recognize that it is acceptable for children to have imaginary friends. I have never heard of an imaginary friend causing a problem for a child. The problem usually arises due to the parent or guardian failing to understand, or to accept, what is happening. The people from the Spirit World are never going to harm anyone. They are love, nothing less, and they only want to bring that love to those of us on the material plane, together with the understanding that we are all connected through the love of Divine Spirit.

Chris Ratter is a spiritualist medium working within a specialist branch of trance healing known as psychic surgery. He is currently the only psychic surgeon residing in Scotland. He runs healing clinics, holds trance-mediumship and healing workshops, and delivers talks and demonstrations on these subjects in Scotland, England and the Republic of Ireland.


hrcoverMediumship Within

In this book Chris Ratter combines practical advice with personal experience to inform and guide the reader on the development of mediumship and healing.
Each person who undertakes to develop their mediumship will experience occasional concerns and doubts. Chris Ratter illustrates how, with dedication, trust and by maintaining an open mind, these hurdles may be overcome to make it a wonderful and fulfilling journey.




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