Naked Tarot: The Fool

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by Janet Boyer

Extract from Naked Tarot

Stripped Down Overview: When you idolize Pee Wee Herman, long for Michael Jackson’s backyard amusement park or wish for Peter Pan’s eternal youth, you be a Fool, fool. Perched on a precipice without a parachute, ignoring the warnings of both dog and man, we can’t figure out if you’re a wide-eyed adventurer, a reckless risk-taker or stupidity personified. Inside-out clothing, mismatched socks, inappropriate comments, clueless literalism, lack of coordination, disregard for etiquette, loud laughter, walking backwards—and yet, we often see a gleam in the eye. Does this Fool know more than he lets on? Is he encouraging us to take life less seriously—or aiming to expose the foibles of authority figures, silly rules or unseeing herds? That’s the fine line with this jester: we can’t quite tell if he’s mad—or a genius.

Keywords: Fresh Start; Leap of Faith; Impetuous; Anticipation; Guileless; Carpe Diem; Oblivious; Folly; Blank Slate; Beginnings; Purity; Frivolity; Insouciance; Gullible

Personifications and Embodiments: Peter Pan; Jesters; Clowns; Comedians; Slapstick; Trickster Gods; Harlequins; Amusement Parks; Puer Eternis; Vagabond; Robin Williams; Jimmy Fallon; Unabashed Laughter; Practical Jokes; Hoaxes; Bungee Jumping; Whoopee Cushion; Buddy Sorrell (Dick Van Dyke Show); Mork (Mork and Mindy); Three Stooges; Willy Wonka (Played by Gene Wilder); Mad Hatter; Grover (Sesame Street); Roscoe P. Coltrane (Dukes of Hazzard); Ernest P. Worrell; Mr. Magoo; Dory (Finding Nemo); Mater (Cars); Puck (A Midsummer Night’s Dream); Pinocchio; Don Knotts; Hobos; Simpletons

Quote: Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans. It’s lovely to be silly at the right moment. – Horace

Challenge: Naiveté

Gift: Innocence

Occupations/Vocations: Clown; Political Satirist; Vagabond; Comedian; Vaudeville Performer; Pulmonary Specialist; Hobo; Prankster

Disney Totem: Goofy (A Goofy Movie)

Animal Symbol: Ladybug

Flower Essences: Walnut (Bach); Wild Oat (Bach); Kangaroo Paw (Australian Bush)

Crystal/Stone: Citrine – Promotes desire for new experiences. Encourages extroversion. Promotes self-assurance. Helps process impressions. Addresses fear of responsibility.

Aromatherapy: Juniper

Body Parts/Systems and Health Issues: Knee; Leg; Foot

Mystical Messenger – Janus

Sabian Symbol: Gemini 24 – Carefree children skating on ice.

Writing Prompt: A clown with a secret pocket.

Affirmation: I embrace laughter and light-hearted living.

Career: Clowns, comedians, wanderers, hobos, harlequins and circus performers—if you can swing any of these (especially on a trapeze!), you’ve found a (mis)match made in heaven. Staying put isn’t your style, so hop on a gypsy caravan, join a band of carnies or give the Big Top a spin. OK, this may not be reasonable advice—but not much about The Fool is! He is the big-hearted wanderer, with no care in the world. He’s sweet, simple Forrest Gump whose incredible luck finds him in pivotal moments in American history. He makes a million dollars, runs across the country and falls in love with the girl next door. No planning, no worries—just trust, innocence and openness. You’re being encouraged to take the same approach in your career because, as Forrest says, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”

Romance: If your idea of a commitment is a one-night-stand, then you’re obviously not marriage material. As long as your lovers know your predilection—and you have the sense to use condoms—go forth and continue your no-strings-attached slutdom. But if you want a long-term romantic relationship—and you’re not the hopping-from-man-to-man type—beware entering any serious partnership right now: you don’t want to be the fool in this particular dynamic, right?

Parenting: Why give a kid a parent when you can give him a friend? Video games, bike rides, concerts, DVD marathons, season tickets—c’mon, it’s such a drag to discipline and dish out consequences when you can play instead! Jimmy in trouble again? “Well, you know how boys are.” Tina terrorizing the playground? “Kids will be kids.” Pleasure Island parenting might be entertaining at first, but when Tommy’s living in your basement at age 35, the luminescence of juvenescence loses its shine.

Spirituality: “Unless you become as a crusty myopic curmudgeon, you’ll not see the Kingdom of God”… said no mystic ever. Fresh eyes popping out of the beginner’s mind see possibility and play in every moment. You’re being given a gleaming new whiteboard and a set of wipe-off markers. What will you do with them? You have a blank slate to do with as you wish. (If you have whiteboards from the past? They’re gone. Poof.) How might your spiritual practice look if you woke up every day with this in mind?

Recommended Resources: Gilligan’s Island (TV Show); “My Hero, Zero” (School House Rock! Song); Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Movie); Family Jewels (Movie); “Jump” by Van Halen; Pee Wee’s Playhouse (TV Show); Portrait of Sakata Hangoro III by Toshusai Sharaku; April Fool: Fishing by Normal Rockwell; Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (Movie); Grizzly Man (Documentary); The Carol Burnett Show

Fool Card Layout: Leapin’ Lizards Spread

1. Where do I need a blank slate?
2. What’s a key ingredient to playfulness?
3. Where do I take a leap of faith?
4. How am I like The Fool?


Naked Tarot – Sassy, Stripped-Down Advice

by Janet Boyer

The Tarot, and you, EXPOSED.






JANET BOYER is the author of Back in Time Tarot, Tarot in Reverse and over a dozen eBooks. With her husband, artist Ron Boyer, she’s co-created the Snowland Deck and the Coffee Tarot. Janet is an Hall of Fame Reviewer, and her reviews and articles have been widely published in both print and online. Also a popular radio guest and Tarot teacher, she specializes in bringing down the mystical and esoteric to street level—the place where we all work, play and love. Visit her online at

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