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The Made Easy Series

Jul 4th, 2012 | By

The new MADE EASY series from John Hunt Publishing Imprints is a collection of brief introductions which reveal alternative spiritual insights, paths and truths to new and experienced seekers whatever their current faith, practice or creed. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Conscious Living Made Easy 978-1-84694-516-8, £6.99 / $12.95  Will guide you to living a full and rewarding life,

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Powerful Mind through Self-Hypnosis – Mastering the Breath

Jun 20th, 2012 | By

PART 1 Mastering the Breath Excerpt from Powerful Mind through Self-Hypnosis – 978-1-84694-298-3, £14.99 / $24.95   “When the breath is held, or too fast, hyperventilation naturally occurs. When the breath is free and slow, relaxation naturally occurs. Breathing slowly, steadily and silently is the only way to breathe andis the only way to truly

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