Tantric Love Letters

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by Diana Richardson

Tantric Love Letters is a unique, interesting, and informative collection of authentic letters from people who have begun to look at sex from a ‘new’ perspective and bring about a ‘change’ in their way of making love. This personal correspondence is made available in order to encourage and support those people who have already embarked on a sexual enquiry, as well as to inspire or motivate others to begin exploring other dimensions of sex right away.

On the surface, the sexual realm feels to be particularly personal and individual. The question may well arise “How can the sex life of somebody else have any relevance to me?” The reality is that we are more similar to each other than we actually realize or appreciate – a fact that has become increasingly clear and obvious to me during my many years of teaching. This underlying truth means we can without doubt use the experiences of others to guide, help and support us to grow in love and understanding.

Sex is not given to us as a haphazard or random force that is subject to a person’s chosen whims, goals, expectations or fantasies. The truth is that human sexual design is very precise and carries a deep intelligence in its roots; and sex has a higher potential beyond its reproductive or fun and entertainment function. Sex is a door that can lead to a step in human evolution, and not only to human reproduction. It is by changing the actual ‘how’ of sex that results in the quantum leap. Sex with ‘heightened awareness’ has a direct, positive and lasting impact on well-being and personal evolution. Sex ‘rightly’ employed is an empowering force that brings self-assurance and clarity, balances mood swings, enhances creativity, as well as significantly elevating the vibration of love within and around you.

And the by-product of this ‘shift’ is that the many sexual difficulties, relationship problems, personal insecurities and performance pressures commonly experienced spontaneously tend to evaporate. Love and harmony is re-created with extraordinary ease. There can be no higher endorsement to the value of making some kind of a ‘change’ in our sexual behaviour than these revealing facts alone!


Tantric Love Letters

Questions on sex and love are enduring. But who to consult? Diana Richardson, a specialist, offers refreshing insights and wisdom

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