The Leo Philosophy of Health

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by Joseph Polansky

Extract from A Spiritual Look at the 12 Signs

The Twelve Philosophies of Health

The twelve signs of the zodiac represent twelve powers of the soul; twelve perspectives and attitudes to life; twelve ways that the Divine functions; twelve philosophical positions. Of late I am also seeing them as twelve different cultures. For these twelve philosophies produce “culture” as a natural side effect. And watching the interplay of these different philosophies regarding anything in life is very much akin to watching a “culture clash”
among people of different nations. Only we often see these “culture clashes” within the same community and even the same family. How can we soothe these clashes? How can we bring harmony there?

Important to understand that when we talk of an “Aries or Taurus philosophy” we don’t necessarily mean a person who has the Sun in Aries or Taurus. A person can be any Sun sign and still have an Aries philosophy when it comes to health. For example, if Aries is on the Sixth House cusp or if the Ruler of the Sixth House is in Aries, these people would have Aries attitudes to health. The same is true of each of the other philosophies. Also important to understand that it is rare for any individual to be a “pure” type. Most of the time, we are a blend of different philosophies – but to see this we need to cast the individual chart and look at the specifics.

So what is a Leo’s philosophy of health?

Regardless of our outer circumstances in life – whether they be high or low, rich or poor – we have come here to express joy and creativity. Those with the Leo philosophy understand that we are not victims of circumstances, but creators of them. So, for these people, it matters not whether the body, mind or emotions are pathology free – they will ask the question, “Am I having fun?” “Is there joy in my life?” If the answer is in the negative, they will not feel that they are truly healthy. In fact, too much exposure to depression can be an actual cause of physical pathology with this type. In this philosophy, we learn of something not emphasized in modern medicine, or in the general health literature – the healing power of joy. Some people are creative either because it’s their job, or because it’s an interesting way to kill time. But with Leo, creativity has actual therapeutic value. For creativity in and of itself is a joyous act. Blocked creativity is one of the main causes of pathology with this type (not the only cause, but a major one). If health problems arise, they should definitely look at this area (also whether they are depressed). Unblock the creativity and health immediately improves.

There is an interesting book by Norman Cousins, a famous editor and writer. He was diagnosed with colon cancer and given very little hope of recovery. On an inspiration he went to the library and loaned all the old Abbot and Costello and Three Stooges movies that he could find. He spent hours every day watching them and belly laughing. And it was the belly laughing – the sheer joy – that eventually cured him. George Burns, who lived to be 100 (and smoked like a chimney), was asked for the secret of his longevity. He replied, “You gotta enjoy what you do. It’s gotta be fun.”

Treating a person with the Leo philosophy with drugs, herbs, substances, massage, etc. will not do the trick, if that is the only therapy. Giving them therapies that destroy the quality of life (rigid Spartan diets, chemotherapy, medicines that taste very bad and soulless regimes) will actually make them sicker. As with all the Fire signs, give them energy medicine or acupuncture and figure out ways that they can bring joy back into their lives.
Restore the joy – unblock the flow of creativity – and you will have a healing. With these kinds of people, a night out on the town or the dance studio will often be as efficacious as a visit to the health professional.

People with the Leo philosophy are often very powerful healers in their own right. Of course we need to see the position of the Sun and the aspects to it for more detail, but in general they have a healing presence. Their life force is strong – so vital – that they often heal by merely touching someone. Many doctors with this position have told me this – the patient is cured when I touch them, but I go through the motions of examination and prescribing pills, because that is what is expected.

On a purely physical level, the Leo philosophy (like Aries) benefits from heat and sunshine. If they are deprived of sunshine for too long it can cause pathology. Like the Aries they do better in warmer climates and if they are forced to live in cold climates they need to bundle up more. Sunshine, saunas and thermal therapies are all natural tonics for them.

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