The Millennium of the Great Mother

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dianaThe Millennium of the Great Mother

It is impossible to pinpoint the exact moment of a new beginning. One just senses a shift of sorts as it gains momentum and begins to unfold. An intent of this book is to provide one way to lead women to the gateway of their future.

As the sun sets on a world saturated in patriarchal dominance, there is magic in the dusk. The earth eases once again into darkness, a stillness that appears empty. Yet, it is a night pregnant with potential. Luna, in her fullness, boasts her splendor. It is now that she reveals her true self in her eerie light of moonbeams.

Of course, this deeper nature has always been there dancing in the shadows.

This night she unveils herself as Diana the moon Goddess, one representation of the Divine She. Some call her the moon queen. This night she is not but an object in the sky, rather an undeniable presence calling out to every woman on behalf of the universal feminine consciousness.

For it is time for change through revelation.

The Divine Mother, or cosmic feminine, wears many faces. Historical accounts, allegories and myths keep her alive even in this, a man’s world. Become aware that her energy is about to be transformed into determined purpose as She ignites the flame of the feminine principle in all women, Her spiritual warriors: swiftly, as one lights every candle on a birthday cake; methodically until each has been awakened by the flame. With this gesture, She imprints her message within the female:

“The age of the Feminine Divine has returned. As her energy courses through you, fill every corner of the world with the ways of the woman. For the sake of an ailing planet, and an ailing humanity, rediscover ancient truths.” Tomorrow is upon us. As cosmic winds begin to stir her spirit women are called upon to act.

We must usher in the new dawn by honoring woman’s inner wisdom, also known as the eternal light of Goddess intelligence. We need to connect to Her essence soon. We must also become very vocal in representing and protecting Mother Earth, for woman is an extension of Her as well.





Womanity’s Cosmic Blueprint – woman of the earth-hearth-heart

Corinne Carmen

Womanity’s Cosmic Blueprint is unique and farsighted, bringing to light a mounting societal ailment that is weakening the feminine force on the planet. This global ailment is “lost woman’s syndrome”, a disconnection from her profound, internal essence or cosmic self. In this book, properties of the female cosmic blueprint are revealed pointing out how these qualities play a paramount role in maintaining humanity’s well-being. As modern women lose sight of their TRUE identities they unknowingly accelerate the decline of humankind and Mother Earth.



  • eBook £5.99 || $8.99
  • Feb 28, 2014. 978-1-78279-320-5.
  • Paperback £11.99 || $19.95
  • Feb 28, 2014. 978-1-78279-321-2.



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