The Moving Universe

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by Joseph Polansky

We live in a moving universe. This is indisputable. Never does it stop for even a second. Every 4 minutes the Earth turns 1 degree on its axis. Not only is the Earth spinning on its axis – which is the cause of the daily cycle of sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight – but it is also moving around the Sun, one degree per day (approx). The Sun in turn is orbiting around a galactic center. And the galaxy is orbiting around a Universal Center. We are on a “cruise through space” as many have pointed out. We are spiraling through space. Yet, because we don’t feel these movements on a “sensual” basis, we tend to ignore them.

But there are even more movements going on. As we are spiraling through space (we are never in the same segment of space from one moment to the next) the planets of our Solar System are also moving. The Moon will orbit the Earth every 28 days or so. All the other planets are constantly changing their relationship to the Earth as they make their orbit around the Sun. We are traveling through space, but we are not alone, we have an entourage of planetary companions.

All of this is actually happening, whether you are a believer or non-believer. It is happening while you are at your computer, or driving your car, or cooking dinner or at the nightclub. Ceaseless and eternal.

And these movements – this moving universe – is the basis of the science of Astrology.

For the Astrologer, the important thing is “meaning” – this is basically what separates us from astronomers. The Astronomer can tell you the planet’s position, but the Astrologer wants to know “what does this mean to me – to my client – to the world – that Mars is at 15 degrees of Sagittarius, or that the Moon is in Pisces today”.

A good definition of Astrology would be – the study of the movements of the universe and their impact on the earth.

The word transits is just an astrological term to describe what we have been talking about – the moving universe. A planet in motion is called a transit.

A Natal chart (Natal means birth) is like a photograph of a moving universe at a given time and place. It is as if we photographed runners during a marathon. We catch them at a certain time – but they keep moving. So it is with the universe and the planets in our solar system.

The birth chart (and here is where the analogy with runners breaks down) is more than just photographing runners at random. It has a special significance. For anything born on the Earth partakes of – is an actual incarnation of – the total cosmic atmosphere of that time. Something is born, it will grow and develop according to its nature. It will have a certain destiny, mission and purpose.

So, a person has his own birth chart – uniquely his own. Like his fingerprints. So far (I’m practicing over 30 years) I haven’t seen two identical charts. I’ve seen charts that were very similar (cases of identical twins born only minutes apart) – but never identical. Who knows perhaps I will come across it. This chart shows the person’s internal nature – the character, talents, abilities, urges and desires. But the transits (the planetary movements that have never stopped moving) are showing how the universe is impacting on him or her at a given time. Sometimes these movements are helpful, sometimes obstructive, most of the time, it is a mixture – some planets are helping, some are obstructing. Some are helping in a given area of life, but are obstructing in another area of life. Thus a person may be having a banner career year, but a stressful love life (or vice versa). Sometimes love and career are good, but health issues are stressful. Many, many scenarios are always occurring.

Understanding the different impacts that the transits (the ever moving universe) has on our lives, is at the heart of the study of transits.

Joseph Polansky, a full-time practicing astrologer, has been involved in esotericism since 1972. He is intimately familiar with all aspects of the spiritual life. He lives in North Port, Florida.


The Moving Universe

The Moving Universe is designed for the student of astrology, and is the only book on transits that deals with both the mundane and spiritual interpretations. It is as much a spiritual teaching as it is an astrology book.

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