The Sacred Feminine

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sacredfeminieThe Sacred Feminine, whether an archetype, an ideology or a heavenly deity that rules the fates of humankind, the world has been wounded from her absence, much like a child growing up without a mother. Humans are in chaos and disharmony in part because the feminine face of god has been stripped from too many of our cultures, religions and psyches. We are like children with emptiness in our heart that will not heal and we compensate in ways that have had tragic consequences for humankind. The dogma of human-made patriarchal religion, professing the only valid truth is revering a monotheistic male God, has attempted to dethrone Goddess from her place as Creatrix of the world for thousands of years. People resisted. They changed the names of Goddess to Mary, Mary Magdalene, Kwan Yin, Guadalupe or called her St. Brigid. They built grand cathedrals in her name. But we are starting to remember the roots and true origins of the Divine Feminine. She is not a fantasy. Evidence of her lives in museums, art, textiles, parables, myths, and archaeological sites, if we just seek her out. She is the missing piece of the puzzle that can lend harmony and guidance to issues of power, war and politics. She sheds light on the meaning of love, life and death.

She brings us a mother’s unconditional love and inspires us with hope. She embodies the laws of duality, polarity, mutiplicity, reciprocity and attraction. Right action and justice are her credos.

My book, Walking An Ancient Path, aids this reawakening to the other half, the female aspect of the Divine, to help humankind save itself, and experience once again the nurturing arms of the Mother Goddess they have been unconsciously yearning for. It is aimed toward men and women from all faiths, traditions and cultures, to give ideas how someone today might rethink and embrace what was once so vital a force at the center of the lives of humankind in ancient times and must be restored in today’s world.

As a contemporary woman walking an ancient path, creative and practical ways are offered to readers seeking to incorporate a feminine face of god into their lives. Suggestions for virtues and behaviors that bespeak this newly reclaimed and reconstructed spirituality and personify Goddess are discussed, indicating what actions one might emulate to contribute toward her restoration and the perpetuation of her ideals within their families, workplace, community and world. In no way is this the only path. Many roads lead to the Divine Feminine. To know Goddess is to know there is no one way to experience, embrace or identify her. But herein are the methods by which the women and men within my immediate community identified her, sought her out and incorporated her into their spiritual paradigm for almost two decades. It is my hope our celebration of her inspires the reader’s own quest.

As a closing thought toward raising awareness of the Feminine Divine; whether she is an ideal, archetype or a deity residing in the heavens, let us rebirth her within ourselves and our communities borrowing not just from ancient texts and contemporary wisdom, but utilizing the spark of our intuition, our excellent intentions and the inner guidance within our hearts. Let us rebirth her from a place of love and generosity for ourselves, our neighbors, our planet and our future. May Goddess embrace you within her golden wings. Karen Tate


walkinganancientpathWalking An Ancient Path – Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

Choose to live not to destroy….

Is feminine consciousness the missing piece of the spiritual, cultural and political puzzle that can address the human conditions of suffering that plagues the planet?

The Sacred Feminine, has been stripped from our cultures, religions and psyches for several millennia. But we are starting to remember her roots and origins. Writing from the heart, Tate’s enthusiasm, passion for justice and vision of love and enlightenment is personified in the concept of the Divine Feminine. In Walking An Ancient Path, the author Karen Tate takes us on a timeless journey to sacred places and invites us to re-enact the sacred rites and to learn the power of prayer and inspiration, while challenging us to understand and retrieve the values of a society that honors the feminine face of divinity – inclusion, equality, reciprocity and interdependence. Thus she aids readers, both new and familiar with Goddess, to reawaken this knowledge, to experience once again the nurturing arms of the Mother, and perhaps, help humankind save itself.

Independent scholar, minister, prolific writer, speaker and tour organizer,Karen Tate has traveled across five continents seeking out the feminine face of god. For more information go to

  • Paperback £11.99 || $24.95
  • Jun 27, 2008. 978-1-84694-111-5.



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