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by Becky Walsh

To successfully tune in to a higher level of vibration tuning, it really is important that the first level is working well. You must set down the foundations first, otherwise your energy vibrations may not be strong enough to make the next leap; it will be a bit like trying to make a call on a mobile phone with a weak signal!

Once you have discovered how your body feels when the chakras are open, practise how to heighten your energy awareness and receptivity, making sure that you are always able to ground yourself. Grounding your energy keeps you connected to the earth, which is especially helpful when working on a basic psychic level. When you feel confident that the foundations are established, you can move on to the next stage.

To reach higher levels of the astral plane for spirit communication, and to be as highly tuned as possible, the key is to be centred rather than grounded.

Tune vibration and being centred

The bottom three chakras – the root, sacral, and solar plexus – are the chakras linked to emotions within the ego. (The ego, despite its bad reputation, plays an important role whilst you are in the physical body, but it is important to make sure that it doesn’t control your life.) Working with the bottom three chakras closed, we give more energy and intention to the other chakras – the heart, throat, third eye and crown. All of these are useful for connection to the spirit world, including our spirit guides and our higher self. Opening these chakras, while the lower ones are closed, will give you greater access to higher vibrational frequencies and dimensions.

When the higher chakras are open, it is important to be centred, otherwise you might become off-centred, which could make you feel a bit nauseous or prevent you from having complete control of the energy you are receiving, using or channelling out. This could result in not having enough awareness in the physical to operate effectively. To centre yourself you need to feel that you are totally balanced in mind and body.

Exercise: Tuning vibration and getting centred

Focus your attention on your breathing. As you take a few deep breaths, see the energy that you are breathing out journey up to each chakra in turn. With your intention, see the root chakra close, followed by the sacral chakra, then the solar plexus chakra.

Then breathe in, taking the energy of the in-breath and your intention down to the heart chakra and see the heart chakra open. Breathe in again, directing energy to the throat chakra and see it open. Continue to breathe in the energy in this way to open the third eye and then the crown chakra. Now visualise a long pole running through the centre of your body. You are held by this pole in a place of centredness.

Balancing your core male and female energies

Achieving a state of constant balance is important for everyday life, but especially for psychic work. When you are open to other energies, you are able to read a person. If you are not balanced and you read that a person doesn’t like you or has a problem with you, it is likely that you will take it personally.

It is easy to say that you need to have dealt with all of your issues before you can help other people, but life is full of upcoming issues all the time. In my own experience, I have had to break up a relationship directly before an appointment with a client. As it turned out, my situation allowed me to feel great empathy for the client who was in the same situation. This shows exactly how spirit works, by bringing people together at just the right moment in their lives. That’s something we can trust in.

Being able to be in balance is to be able to wobble, but not fall down. We need to allow space in our lives, even just two minutes of silence, for the opposing core energies (male and female) within us to harmonise. This also can be done through meditation, or through breathing in and visualising the core energy needed to create a balance. Take a look at the words below and see which fit into your everyday life.

Doing, Effort, Passive, Free, Still, Action, Thinking, Feeling, Intellect, Sensitive, Emotion and Rational.

Now see where they lie in the masculine and feminine core energy we have in all of us:

Masculine:                       Feminine:

Doing                                    Being

Effort                                     Free

Action                                   Still

Thinking                               Feeling

Intellect                                Emotion

Rational                                Sensitive

Masculine energy governs the left brain and the right-hand side of the body.

Feminine energy governs the right brain and the left-hand side of the body.

Often medical problems affecting one side of the body can be brought about by an imbalance in the male and female energy. Also, as a guide in a reading, if there is a scar or a mole or any other skin marking, this can be seen as an indication of problems or issues relating to the mother or the father, depending on whether the mark is on the right- or left-hand side of the face. Left female, right male.


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