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We live in a technological age, defining ourselves through matter rather than spirit. We tend to think: ‘If I have this and own that, then I am successful; if I am successful, then I am a good person and I will be respected and loved.’ We measure whether we’re sad or happy by what we own.

But it doesn’t satisfy us. We’re always looking for something else. Say, for example, you’re at work in an office. There is a mountain of paper to get through, you are fed up and want to go home, but then you remember that in your back pocket is a ticket for a trip to the Caribbean, and tomorrow you will be on that long-awaited flight. A large smile comes over your face. The work hasn’t gone away, your current situation is still the same, but only now are you happy. Fast forward to the last day of your holiday – you remember you have to go to work the next day, and misery descends, even though you’re lying on a sun-drenched beach.

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Happiness is a question of perspective. When we believe that things outside ourselves make us happy, then we keep our minds busy with those things. Our culture, as a whole, believes that if we can have the right things around us, control our surroundings, then we will be happy. But controlling our surroundings for our own benefit is generally at the expense of someone else. With the way the world is going, with natural disasters, wars and global warming, more and more people are waking up to the fact that this control we are fighting to have is, in fact, an illusion. The world needs to change, but the change can only come from people who recognise their responsibility for what they have been given in terms of the foundation for future generations.

How do we change the world? Most attempts, however well-meaning, are frustrated because they still focus on trying to change the surroundings. Whenever we do that, we meet resistance. There is another way to change the world, and it starts with us. It’s the psychic’s way.

The psychic begins with changing spirit rather than matter. This way works because, ultimately, all matter is spirit. Everything that exists is simply a different form of the same thing: vibrating energy.

It is now generally accepted that all physical matter is made up of atoms. Within the atom exist smaller ‘particles’ – protons, neutrons and electrons – more easily understood as pure energy, little particles or waves of energy in vibration separated by large distances of space. At this quantum level of existence, everything consists of tiny packets of energy, and empty space. 99.9999% of an atom is empty space.

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Energy itself, according to Albert Einstein in his formula E=MC², is mass (M) multiplied by the speed of light (C) squared. Depending on the way the energy is structured determines the frequency at which it vibrates. So, the metal that makes up a hammer is energy vibrating in such a way that, from our perspective and relative to our own vibration, it appears heavy, dense and solid. Yet it is no more solid than a hammer in a dream. In fact, nothing that we believe to be solid is truly solid. We just perceive it that way. In the real world, nothing is permanent. The only constant is continuous movement and change. The same is true of our emotions. They are also moving, vibrating and changing, made up of tiny chemical particles. You might feel fear in the pit of your stomach, or joy and love in your heart.

So, what does this have to do with being psychic? There is now a scientific term for psychic ability, Anomalous Cognition (or AC. The transfer of information through means other than the 5 traditional senses). Many within the scientific community are increasingly ready to accept these ideas, if not publicly then certainly in private. Maybe one day we can call ourselves AC practitioners. It would be wonderful to leave the name psychic in the past with ‘Madam Ruth’ and the fortune-tellers.

A psychic is aware of his/her energy, of the frequency at which it vibrates. They can change it, adapting it to be in sync with someone else, or the energy of an object or environment. For example, if you are in a good mood, and you take a seat on a coach and find your mood quickly shifting to something less pleasant, you will know if this is ‘you’, or if you have picked up on the vibration of the person who just stepped out of the seat, or indeed the collective energy of the people on the bus.

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It’s like the keys on a piano being tuned to the right pitch with each other. We blend our energy with the energy around us. That is why we feel relaxed in the countryside. It is a slower pace of life, and why many people in the country don’t like ‘city folk’. We arrive in the country still vibrating quickly, and it takes us time to ‘wind down’.

At present a shift in consciousness has started, moving from the material to the spiritual. This involves a shift in vibration. We are living through a spiritual revolution in which people are becoming increasingly aware that if you don’t look within yourself for answers, you end up with no answer at all. Becoming an advanced psychic means taking part in this revolution. It means you also need to be an advanced spiritual person as the two go hand in hand. If you don’t have one, the other won’t work for you. You can’t be a person who has jealousy in your heart and be able to help someone become everything they ever dreamed they could be. But it has nothing to do with extraordinary or unnatural powers. Any person can learn to develop psychic ability. We mostly had it as young children, but social conditioning drummed it out of us. It is what you now do with this ability that makes you special. To be psychic is to be in tune with energy, be aware of it and be able to make use of it in order to help others as well as yourself.

However, being a psychic is not the same as being a medium. Mediums have developed the ability to communicate through the medium of mind. They can contact the spirits of those in other dimensions of space and time, including that which we commonly call ‘the afterlife’. They are in-between two or more worlds. We will look at this later.

A stage further from being a medium is channeling. To channel is to allow a spirit guide or ascended master to speak directly through you. This is sometimes done unconsciously. Here, the medium’s imagination doesn’t get in the way of the information coming from spirit and can’t edit it. Often the medium won’t even remember what was said.

Further on still, there is communication from the angelic realms. This usually takes the form of healing, of releasing fear and imparting love, rather than information or facts. It can take place in a reading without the client even being aware it is happening. Often the lessons are hard to accept, but the angelic energy makes the pill easier to swallow as contact with the angelic realm enables you to see yourself lovingly, as an aspect of God, rather than taking the blame for your troubles.

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Next, we move to the Akashic records. The best way to understand this is to think of a library with books describing everything that has gone before and everything that will be. At this level of vibration, you can see the past and the future. It may be for your own benefit, for your own evolution, or for those around you. Alternatively, you may travel the time lines, also known as shamanic journeying, a form of meditation/visualisation. We may think of time lines in terms of forward and back, but time is as much an illusion of the physical world as solidity, it doesn’t really exist. Time lines are all around us, the matrix through which we move. Through visualisation you can ‘intend’ what you want to see based on what you are doing. Perhaps you want to unblock an issue in your current life. You can find its origins in a past life, look into the future to see how you will benefit from releasing it, and use the future as a form of encouragement.

Moving on from this, we finally get to the level of God’s creative energy. This creative energy is hidden in all of us, even in our thoughts, and while it is something we have access to, few of us can cope with the responsibility that comes with it. Its finest expression is to help others find the God-creative force inside themselves, rather than interfere with their own life patterns.

So, to be ‘psychic’ is a general term to describe a state of heightened awareness and receptivity, whereas to be ‘advanced’ is to begin the search for wisdom and enlightenment, trusting your own intuition and being in service to the truth. It means developing your sensitivity to subtle energy and the information that it carries.

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Becky Walsh is one of the UK’s leading thinkers on intuition and spirituality. She has published 4 books and 5 eBooks including ‘Intuitive Lovers’ and ‘You DO Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly’. As well as being a regular radio pundit for over 70 stations worldwide, she writes regularly for The Sunday Times, Psychologies magazine, the Huffington Post and Psychologies magazine. She has addressed gatherings all over the world including: Hong Kong, Pakistan, Chile and USA.

Becky’s book ‘Advanced Psychic Development’ is available from 6th Books today!

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