What is Paravision?

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Paravision is the ability to see non-physical things. For example, the aura around another person or the energies around plants. They are not physical, and therefore would not be visible if we use only our physical eyes. We would need to activate our paravision to see these elements.

The word paravision is a word made of two parts, para + vision. The prefix “para” means “beyond”, so literally, it means “to see beyond”. It is a reference to the ability to see beyond the physical dimension, beyond what your physical eyes can see.

Paravision has the same meaning as visual clairvoyance and it is an ability that allows us to see non-physical beings, or extraphysical consciousnesses, spirits, souls, or ghosts. Accounts where people describe seeing someone that already passed, or someone that “is not there” in physical terms at that moment, suggest that Paravision gives us access to non-physical dimensions.

As a form of psychic ability, paravision can be triggered spontaneously, or at will. In other words, you may have an experience that involves paravision without doing anything deliberately to produce that experience. You can, for example, start seeing auras of work colleagues during a meeting as you relax and casually fixate your gaze somewhere in the meeting room.

In principle, anyone can experience paravision. Believing in the phenomenon is not necessary. Learning relaxation techniques and techniques to work with your energy body is a great start and can be very helpful when applied with specific clairvoyance techniques.

Clairvoyance is a term that means different things depending on where you look for the definition. Most of the sources align with two basic meanings, the first one connected to seeing auras and the second meaning “any information acquired by non-physical means”.

Visual clairvoyance allows you to see the aura of people, plants, and animals. The aura is a visual effect of the non-physical energy associated with a living being. This non-physical energy is also known as chi, prana, orgone, and vital energy.

Rodrigo Medeiros

Rodrigo Medeiros has been teaching psychic development and personal growth classes for over 20 years. One of his areas of interest has been clairvoyance and he authored the Clairvoyance Workshop, with theoretical and practical exercises, presented in more than 15 countries, including the UK and USA.

Having participated in numerous Mind Body and Spirit events, Rodrigo has been interviewed in broadcast radio and TV, and had interviews and articles about clairvoyance and related themes published in American and European magazines and websites. In the UK, Rodrigo lectured in the Theosophical Society of Edinburgh, the Swedenborg Society in London, and participated in events such as the Mind Body and Spirit festival. Rodrigo was also a guest speaker at the University of Florida in the USA, and an instructor of the class “Self-awareness through Out-of-Body Experiences” at the Miami-Dade College.

An active conscientiology researcher, Rodrigo participated in the I Forum of Paranormal Phenomena at the University of Miami and the III International Congress of Conscientiology and Projectiology, organized by the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology. He authored the courses “Renewing your Mindsets”, “Personal Evidence versus Scientific Evidence of Parapsychic Phenomena”, and “Telepathy”.

Rodrigo has served as the Director of Education and Director of Technology for international organizations developing conscientiology, a science of consciousness proposed by Waldo Vieira. Rodrigo also coordinated conscientiology activities in Miami, USA, and London, UK.

Based in London, UK, Rodrigo is currently responsible for instructor training in English for Reaprendentia, a non-profit organization focused on conscientiology teaching.



Paravision – Theory and Practice of Visual Clairvoyance

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