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by Alice Grist

I have chosen to keep my description of spirituality loose because nobody should dictate to you what your spirituality is, or how it should look. Having said that it can be helpful, especially in your early spiritual years, to find out what spirituality means to other people. That way you can take what works, dress it up in your clothes and accessorize as per your specific requirements.

In my life spirituality is something that has originated organically. It is an inner knowing, and it arose into my consciousness naturally and when I was in dire need of it. Quite often people will recall spirituality coming to them in their darkest moments, following death, depression or personal darkness. Of course some lucky ones simply have spirituality visited on them when things are calm and smooth, perhaps whilst gazing at the stars or exploring the pyramids!

Spirituality may feel so familiar as it begins to bubble within you, like a wisdom that you once forgot but that is now seeping back into your excited heart. Spirituality will find you because it is you, it emanates from you, and it is already within you. There are no entry requirements and it is not a competition. You cannot be more or less spiritual than anyone else, because we are all spiritual. Some of us may just not know that yet. Spirituality is what you already are, do you realize that? Welcome to the ride!

Spirituality is freedom. It is freedom to believe in a way that suits us. Spirituality allows us to make our own minds up about what our beliefs mean to us, and gives us space to interpret these beliefs in our daily lives. Spirituality gives you room to interpret for yourself. Spirituality recognizes the innate spirit and soul in all people and all things. You are divine, I am divine, the Archbishop of Canterbury is divine, as is the homeless person you pass on the street. We are all divine and I believe that each of us is able to access that divinity should we wish to.

You may be drawn to established paths to help you to understand what is arising inside of you, as I was drawn to explore a number of faiths as I described in The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment. Such faiths provide marvelous guidance, but I could not commit myself to the full-on incorporation of those faiths into my life. Instead I cheekily took the wonderful philosophies, applied them as I saw fit, and moved on. I am a spiritual hermit. I find my spirituality inside my own private shell, and only occasionally borrow a little from pre-existing temples.

Spirituality gives you a blank book and allows you to fill it in.

Everybody’s experience of enlightenment will be different and this will arise within individual lives in unique and fascinating ways. Your interpretation, whilst similar to mine, will never be the same. This makes neither of us wrong, indeed we are both correct. We have our own life purposes and individual lessons to learn, and so adherence by everyone to one particular belief is not our chosen route.

Spirituality may be a lone and personal pursuit in the first instance, but being social creatures it is inevitable that our spirituality is taken into society, our relationships and even the workplace. I have introduced my colleagues at work to angel cards and they are fully enjoying the benefits of this freely accessible tool for affirmation, encouragement, guidance and a boost that feels as good as a new lip gloss used to do.

Spirituality is about recognizing that we are all connected, not only to one another, but also to the living planet, and to the elements, plants and animals.

Every thought or deed committed in your name reverberates and echoes its way around the lives of thousands of people. Your choices and your actions ripple out to cause a tsunami of possible happiness or grief to everyone they touch and affect.

Spirituality fills you with love, and as you become happier in your own beliefs, you may find you are drawn to help other people, either with their spirituality, or just because, as a spiritual being, you can not help but help.

The more we acknowledge our spiritual selves, the better access we have to our source, to its wisdom, love and knowledge. This however cannot be done overnight, it is a life long journey, and it takes commitment, self-awareness and a passion. Once you embark on this path, though, it changes your life and completely alters the way you see the world. A taste of enlightenment is addictive, and in my opinion, it’s the only thing worthy of becoming healthily addicted to.

Alice Grist is the author of The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment and The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living these books document the fascinating journey her search for spirit took her on. Life then stepped in, literally, and she became pregnant with her daughter, Ivy. This pregnancy is documented in the raw and deeply moving Dear Poppyseed, A Soulful Momma’s Pregnancy Journal. This pregnancy was also featured on 2014’s Sky Living show ‘She’s Having A Baby’, episode 2.

Alice most recently published a collection of all her articles (and some new ones) titled ‘Sinsational’. Alice’s four published books and extensive articles, (Huffington Post, Hello Giggles, The Conversation, Natural Health, The Daily Love, and more) stand as an open, warm, wise and comical reflection of the power of spirituality in real life.

Alice learned tarot at the age of 14 from her High Priest and High Priestess father and step mother (Tony and Aileen Grist – Authors of The Illustrated Guide to Wicca). Alice now offers her unique brand of intuitive guidance tarot, which includes six different types of readings tailored just for you. Each reading is beautifully unique and aims to spark the client’s own intuition. Alice also see’s client in person or by Skype for her Soul Coaching Sessions, these sessions include deep spiritual work, tarot, guidance, healing, meditation and aspects of NLP and hypnotherapy. Alice’s Soulful Sunday readings are regularly featured on The Daily Guru, Australia’s premier holistic lifestyle site.

Alice posts spiritual guidance regularly to Instagram @alicegrist, Facebook @spiritualauthoralicegrist, You Tube @alicegrist and Twitter.

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    Spirituality may be a lone and personal pursuit in the first instance, but being social creatures it is inevitable that our spirituality is taken into society, our relationships and even the workplace.

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