When Lightning Strikes

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by Altazar Rossiter (reprinted from www.altazarrossiter.com/ with permission)

When lightning strikes it’s a manifestation of a massive energy finding its way to Earth. It needs to be grounded safely or it wreaks havoc as it blasts through.

This is an exact mirror of what happens when you connect with your spiritual essence. You need to be sufficiently clear and grounded to hold the energy. Whatever is in the way gets shaken out.

Clearing is inevitable.

As you awaken to yourself and connect with your inherent spirituality one of the phenomena that always shows up is the clearing process. This is often misunderstood from a no pain – no gain perspective. You’re on a spiritual path, so you’ve got to accept it, it just goes with the territory.

That kind of response is very much part of the old paradigm. It’s a diluted form of a martyr complex, and it’s generally very uncomfortable so it is dreaded. But you can learn to negotiate it with equanimity.

Fear of the Dark …

Like many I’ve encountered on a spiritual evolutionary path, I’ve been scared of this process too. The fear arises because we know intuitively that to evolve we have to face our own darkness. We see the clearing process as a struggle and we just don’t know what’s going to surface from the dark depths inside.

So what this morphs into is an innate fear of the dark, and it maps onto every experience where you’ve been taken by surprise – and traumatised – by something you didn’t see coming. It’s why I sometimes refer to myself as a “darkworker” instead of the more conventional “lightworker” as I teach people to navigate their clearing safely and with minimal fall-out.

The fear that arises is in the “what if” category, which makes it a mental fabrication, i.e. it is not based on anything tangible. It can and will mutate, therefore, and insert itself into any life event that will contain it. It slides around, in and out of your emotional interactions, making it difficult to spot. But it can be felt, most often surfacing in irrational emotional reactions that can be blamed on something, or someone else.

As it anchors into your way of being, this fear virtually develops a life of its own that takes over your life. This can almost be considered as an energetic life-form, an entity, and as such it has a survival imperative hijacked from your own primal programming. But if it’s a mental fabrication that makes it fictional, which means exposing it will cause it to disintegrate.

So the fear itself seems to fear this disintegration [annihilation], making self-exploration, self-awareness and the awakening of consciousness such fearful activities. The mental structures that support your sense of yourself are under threat; you could go mad; your life could fall apart … or worse! Better not touch that! And so fear becomes your master.

Pro-active Clearing and Grounding …

The first thing that needs to be understood, is that as more of the light of your soul flows in it needs to create room for itself and ground into you, into your body and body of affairs. It looks around to see how that can be accomplished, a bit like moving into an old house full of junk that needs to be cleared out before you can settle in. So if you’re in process – the emotional turmoil attendant on opening up to higher frequencies – know that what you’re feeling is what’s leaving. Trying to moderate this process or distract yourself from it, only slows things down. It prolongs the discomfort. It can and will create real chaos in just about every aspect of your life.

If things are going awry in your life, the energy-wise interpretation is
that more of your light is integrating into your physical presence.
To manage this effectively you need to clear and ground.

This process is seldom understood, and it is undermined by social conditioning of the kind that insists upon a “There, there, don’t cry” practice of emotional self-control. This is actually a self-sustaining, self-limiting device of disempowerment masquerading as concern and compassion.

The higher the frequency, power, vibration of the spiritual energy you’re working with, the more important it is to be pro-active with your clearing and grounding. It’s vital to understand this often neglected principle. Because if you continually invoke harsh clearing experiences as a consequence of engaging with the Light, the chances are you will tend to limit your engagement [unconsciously] out of fear of what’s next.

Fear of engaging with the clearing process shuts you down.
It’s probably the most effective single obstacle
to engaging with your own awakening.

Responsibility and ReSOULution …

The way through is to take responsibility: responsibility for choosing the path you’re on; responsibility for the consequences; and responsibility for clearing the obstacles on that path, be they physical, mental emotional or spiritual.

Responsibility includes embracing your clearing process and allowing it to happen. A deep level of self-acceptance is required for this, a quality discouraged by conventional education systems.

Responsibility includes owning your resistance, noting the places where you’ve refused to look in the past and where you don’t want to look now. There’s no need to force yourself to look at this stage, it’s sufficient to be self-aware and know where those places are.

Responsibility includes feeling what you’ve previously suppressed for fear of feeling, fear of being judged, fear of rejection by the world, fear of hurting someone else’s feelings.

You may feel anger and rage at the world and anyone involved in training you to reject and disempower yourself, but understand this is not a licence for a tantrum-fest. Underneath everything will be anger at yourself for allowing it to happen and a deep sadness that you’ve been disconnected from your light by your compliance. This is where the resolution, reconnection with your soul [reSOULution] happens – as you allow that sadness to express.

Signposts …
The issues that come up for clearing are the signposts showing you the way forward. Just appreciating this in itself will shift how you experience your own process.

The next step is to be pro-active, which is not to say you should go looking for the problems, just that when they show themselves give them your care and attention. One way of doing this is to invite your Spritual Intelligence to intervene and transmute the energies involved into love, compassion and wisdom.

You might also invite your Spiritual Intelligence to partner you in managing the clearing and re-integration process, particularly when connecting with high frequency spiritual energies. And perhaps explore the possibilities for learning some effective strategies this kind of self-empowerment.

Come and learn to facilitate your own clearing and clearing for others …

A Personal Development Consultant and Healing Facilitator; Altazar Rossiter provides support for the profound changes experienced in evolving to full self-empowerment. His book provides key guidance for this process.



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