WHERE ARE THE MEN? by Eoin Scolard

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by Eoin Scolard



I felt extremely privileged to facilitate the first weekend of my new HQ 9 month Course over the weekend in Dromantine Conference. We talked, we share, opened, we began to trust the sacred space we created, we laughed ( a lot!),we cried a little, we wrote, we softened, we stood, we shouted, we strengthened. We learned about new breathing practices to help us stay centred, we explored our tribal beliefs, our root chakra and how we operate as energy beings – and the group bonded so incredibly well. Thank you thank you thank you – all of you, men and women. You were a joy to work with.

HQ Course 2017 – click for YouTube

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I absolutely loved it – even though I was exhausted last night and went to bed at 9pm – unheard of for me! Now its 5 am in the morning and I’m packing already, and so looking forward to landing in the arms of the beautiful Jenny Grainger in la belle France tomorrow.

But first – finish the washing, the packing, and even some ironing – and then get ready for 5 clients at our lovely Source Wellbeing Centre in Belfast . I absolutely love my life and I feel honoured to be part of the wave of expanding (and grounded) consciousness that is seeking to be expressed through us.

And while I’m typing here, I want to echo the call of so many women I meet in my work – and which I heard again over the weekend.


Come on guys, be smart. The Universe, God, the light, Source, however you label it, is always opening, expanding and creating. That is the nature of God/The Universe – and we are made in the image and likeness of God/The Universe. We all know that “new stuff” is arriving all the time new ideas, new ways of being in the world, new ways of thinking and relating. All that “new stuff” is coming in THROUGH US – HUMAN BEINGS. That is the nature of consciousness, when we open to it.

If you’re not expanding, opening and creating – you’re off track. If you’re closed, hard, fearful – you’re off track. If you’re the kind of man who thinks that building walls is a good idea – you’re off track. If you still have walls around your heart – you’re off track. If you are afraid of your own emotions , and you close off to them – you’re off track.

So, if you want to co-operate with the call to evolve ( or if you’re religious, the call from God) – you’ve got to learn to create space inside yourself for all the new. That means opening up anywhere that you’re closed. That means leaning into all the places you close off, learning to listen to your heart and speak from there, to be authentic, vulnerable and powerful all at the same time.

In my work I’ve begun to classify the emotions into Yin and YANG. Yin emotions include sadness, grief, abandonment, feeling rejected, confused. YANG emotions include anger, frustration, exasperation.

And here’s my BIG GENERALISATION – AND PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR IT, BUT IT HAS A LOT OF TRUTH IN IT. I see so many women who have not been able to feel their YANG emotions in a healthy way – and so they disowned their power. And I see so many men who are AFRAID to feel their yin EMOTIONS, their sadness, their need for love, their abandonment, their loneliness – and so they can’t connect at a heart level.

What a shame, because there are so many absolutely committed women doing this kind of work, opening to their pain, their wounds, doing the healing work that is necessary– and beginning to stand in their power. They will not be shouted down any longer. They will be heard.

I’m SO tired of guys still “biggin’ themselves up” – whether that’s in the business world, the political world or even the “self-development” world. The days of the old controlling male-dominated society are over. The days of the unhealthy ego are over – so, come on guys, get with the program!


I’ll leave the last few words to John Lennon.
“Love, Love, Love. Love is all there is.”


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