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Disorientation after a Treatment

What a treatment! You leave the clinic, hop into your car and can’t remember where the steering wheel is. This scenario is unrealistic but it is undeniable that a Reiki treatment can be quite disorienting.

It is possible that you may feel light-headed, sleepy and unable to make quick judgments after a treatment. In the last hour you went from everyday mental activity to a relaxed state where you opened yourself up to allow your body’s natural healing abilities to take over and run the show. After coming out of that state, you are now trying to function as you did before. Is this possible?

Your body needs to re-balance itself. Interestingly, you will find that this re-balancing continues over the next few days and even weeks – if you consciously support its process. Most importantly, you will need to readjust to everyday life to be able to get from your treatment to your next appointment, work or home.

To bring yourself out of deep relaxation, your practitioner will offer you a glass of water to support your cleansing process. As the water washes down through you, you begin to feel refreshed. You shake yourself out of your slumber. Maybe your world looks and feels slightly different. Your practitioner gently discusses your treatment and in this communicative process your senses are activated back to their regular functioning level.

There are a number of activities you need to be careful about doing after your treatment. One is driving. If you plan to drive immediately after your treatment think twice before hopping in behind that steering wheel. To be a safe driver you need to be 100% aware of your surroundings. You would not want to have had a wonderful Reiki treatment only to end up in a traffic accident.

The other action to be careful of is going back to work. If you need to use any complicated machinery or you have planned an important meeting just after your Reiki treatment it may be wiser to either change your treatment appointment to after work or reschedule work that may not require your immediate full attention. Work is often hectic, with no time to relax and treasure that thread of inner connectedness that you have begun nurturing. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to go home and relax in the garden or just to go to bed.

Unfortunately you cannot always relax for as long as you would like at a professional clinic after your treatment. Your practitioner most likely has another client arriving soon and the room needs to be prepared. If your practitioner does not think that you are ready to drive or work machinery, he may offer some suggestions. These could include resting in the waiting room, if there is one. Spend some time there after the treatment before moving out onto the street. Otherwise, you could go to a local café and enjoy a fruit juice or tea as you readjust. While there, you can enjoy contemplating your session and maybe life in general.

Grounding after a Treatment

If you still find that you are light-headed after having a drink and a rest you can perform this small exercise. Visualize a large ball of energy in your head moving down through you to your hara center (just below your navel), down along your legs and into the Earth. This exercise will ground your energy into the energy of the Earth enabling you to feel calm, clear and aware.


Your Reiki Treatment – How to get the most out of it

by Bronwen and Frans Stiene

Finally, a book that looks at Reiki from the client’s perspective. Whether you are searching for relaxation, healing, or spiritual growth, a Reiki treatment can be a revelation. Find out how to make the most of your Reiki experience. Learn how to prepare for your treatment, what to expect during the session, and how to continue furthering your personal growth after the treatment is finished.

Divided into three parts: Pre-Treatment, The Treatment, and Post-Treatment, each part contains approximately 25 chapters that span two pages each. This consistent format ensures that by flicking through the book there is easy access to the chapter of your choice. Chapters also include an information box with either a case study, Reiki research, experiment, or hint for the client.

Your Reiki Treatment is an excellent guide to everything about Reiki treatments for both clients and professional practitioners. Included are explanatory case studies, tips and research in an “easy to find” format.

  • Paperback £9.99 || $19.95
  • Mar 30, 2007. 978-1-84694-013-2.
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