How Not to Wear Black

shows how the right colors, black, grey, red and blue, can stimulate, enhance, inspire or calm.

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How Not to Wear Black

WHY: To help women understand why they feel the need to wear black, be it psychological, emotional, physical or temperamental.  Is it worn to look slim, sexy and smart or to feel safe in and hide behind?

WHAT: What negative impact wearing black can have on women’s faces and their complexions, particularly highlighting the ageing process.  Black can drain energy, compound depression and hinder personal healing. 

HOW: How women can continue to wear black, without feeling and showing its damaging effects.  The book includes a self-help guide to discover if women (and men) have the genetic skin tone and inherited personality to wear black well, with invaluable colour tips and style advice. 

I believe passionately that by wearing the right colours women can change their lives.
  • Jules is passionate about getting women into their true colours to look younger, healthier and happier in an instant.Get black wrong and it will age you - even in your 20s! - This guide helps women to find out whether black suits their temperament and their genetic colouring.                                                                                         omyoga & lifestyle

  • This book is your own personal, portable colour consultant. By reading it, you will improve your understanding of your colour type, and how this links with your personality

    ~ Marie-Claire Wilson, Director of The Body Progress Centre and author of Seasonal Awareness and Wellbeing
  • Oh lucky you!  The inspirational Jules Standish has revealed all in this great new book.  She knows her stuff this girl and trust me this is your in-road to personal styling and color analysis. 

    ~ Janey Lee Grace - radio presenter and author