Palmistry: From Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours
The Easiest Palmistry Course Ever Written

enables all to uncover the core of their character aand predict their future, full proficiency in 24 hours.

Ever wanted to learn palmistry but been confused by the mumbo-jumbo?

This no-nonsense book is for everyone and the most innovative approach to the subject in the last two hundred years. It draws on ground-breaking scientific research into individual fingerprint patterns, and is illustrated with images of actual hands, including those of Einstein, ex-UK prime minister Tony Blair and the hands of various celebrities.

After only 24 hours of study, this book will enable you to see into the deepest realms of the human condition.
  • Straightforward and engaging,Johnny Fincham delivers exactly what is promised. A non-nonsense, common sense palmistry course which can be completed in twenty four one hour sessions. If you are interested in palmistry, this is definitely for you. Be prepared to embrace the new and leave mystification behind. The easiest to follow, scientifically based, training course on palmistry you can find today. ~ , Light
  • 'Wonderful - the palmist of the stars.' ~ Denise Van Outen, (Live appearance on the 'This Morning' show).
  • 'Amazing accuracy.' ~ Daily Express, Real Life feature by Monica Cafferkey
  • 'Inspiring, life changing.' ~ Daily Express, (article by Roz Lewis)
  • 'Johnny has made exciting new discoveries in the field of human sexuality in the palm.' ~ Spirit and Destiny, feature by Abi Foss
  • 'The UK's leading palmist' ~ Daily Mail, Feature by staff journalist
  • I have always been fascinated by this older form of divination, and I was very impressed with this 225 page instruction manual. The format is perfect for someone like myself who needs help every step of the way. The objectives were well defined, and there were quizzes, diagrams, and even photos of palms highlighting the area the lesson is focusing on. I just learned so much, and just when I thought I couldn't get anything more about the palm, wham I got surprised again. Did you know that certain lines on your hands can tell you if you are a flirt or not? Why even the size of your thumb goes a long way in explaining your character. I would recommend this awesome guide to anyone who is attracted to Palmistry as a divination tool, and is looking for a calm and gentle teacher. This method looks absolutely goof proof. Thanks Johnny, for showing us the way. ~ Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living Nov 2007