9 Days to Heaven

9 Days to Heaven

How to make everlasting meaning of your life

The antidote to today’s epidemic of fear and confusion, this soul journey into God’s presence brings relief, healing and revitalization.


9 Days To Heaven (a timely journey into the soul) is the antidote to today's epidemic of fear and confusion, and the rarest of books in the Christian marketplace as, although firmly rooted in the Bible, it eschews the use of theological jargon which is sometimes a barrier.

Its simplicity makes it accessible to those who, through the smokescreen of disappointment or unfamiliarity, would not otherwise draw close to God's healing presence. These include:

* The great number of people who are not spiritually developed enough to cope with life's inevitable challenges
* Youths and young adults who naturally have little experience of God
* Those that have no experience of God.

Based on Revelation 3:20 'Behold I stand at the door and knock' it answers the burning life question: 'What's it all about?' Illustrations and everyday items, such as a stone or herbs, transport the reader into the realms of the Divine. There, in nine refreshing 15 minute personal-growth-steps issues, such as despair and panic, trampled dreams and low self-esteem, are addressed in dialogue with God. Through this intimate connection the reader glimpses heaven and tastes immortality. Walking thus, hand in hand with God daily, they are empowered to fulfil their destiny!


9 Days to Heaven will be helpful for those who find it hard to concentrate on their spiritual selves. Covering a number of meditations on this in a manner that provides a refreshing realisation that the commonplace devotions and time-honoured practice of prayer could have deeper depths than most people might ever have imagined. ~ Michael Shackleton, Southern Cross - South African national Catholic newspaper 7th April 2010

9 Days to Heaven, How To Make Everlasting Meaning Of Your Life is such a wonderfully simple yet powerful way to reach what monks and mystics have sought for centuries: a deep, one-on-one communion with God. Ms. O'Driscoll's use of everyday items connects us with the Divine through the natural world in a way that can't help but touch readers on many levels. It's the best of many traditions used in a thoroughly Christian way. ~ John Backman, dialogueventure.com 6th February 2010

"9 Days to Heaven" is a keeper to refer back to again and again. Sometimes my diet gets derailed. Sometimes my spiritual life gets derailed too. "9 Days to Heaven" provides clear and helpful suggestions to get on track. This book is simple, elegant, and powerful. Teresa O'Driscoll's ideas will help people grow closer in their relationship to God and to create deeper understanding and meaning in their lives. The author's suggestions are easy to follow and easy to incorporate into busy lives. Get it today and hang onto it! ~ Barbara Tako, Author of “Clutter Clearing Choices: Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home, & Reclaim Your Life” 26th January 2010

I was ill for a couple years and had a great loss in my life. This book brought so much peace to me and even though I had been angry with God and blamed him for all my troubles, I found my way back to my relationship with him. ~ Rose Barrett Wilkinson, 28th January 2010

The book is basically Christian but could be read by anybody. I found myself looking forward to each chapter. I intend to keep it by for further contempation. ~ Ethel Corduff, The SCPSW Author, quarterly magazine

The book is simply written, using easy to understand language. This is for anyone seeking to discover a way to a profound understanding and connection with God. ~ Sarah Connor, Eternal Spirit Magazine

A simple programme that will positively change the way you view the world and reveal you unique role in it. ~ Diane Shugart, Odyssey Magazine

This is an interesting book. ~ Marian Field, Candle and Keyboard Magazine, Association of Christian Writers

This personal development book based on God will fill you with joy! ~ Markos Theodoridis, Area Magazine

This self-help book is written in a fresh, modern and accessible way. ~ Takis Karpoutzoglou, Insider Athens Magazine

These refreshing meditations stimulate Christians to explore Christianity. They will help many to practice the presence of God. ~ Rob Frost, Share Jesus International

This book offers a tactile way to feel closer to God's world. The meditations are truly moving and inspiring. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to invite conscious contact with God at any level. ~ Renee Killian-Dawson, author

We live in an age that experiences a crisis of meaning. 9 Days to Heaven is a wonderful blessing at times when it is essential that we are able to rediscover our purpose in a practical way. Each chapter is a powerful lesson for connecting with the precious gift of God. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for spiritual nourishment. ~ Ben Renshaw, Author of Successful But Something Missing

Goes beyond religious barriers and brings a fresh breeze of optimism and lightness, with an amazing simplicity and directness. The book fuelled my imagination and channelled my thoughts in a God-reigned peaceful environment. ~ Zeffie Klironomou, Journalist

Teresa O'Driscoll
Teresa O'Driscoll Teresa O’Driscoll was born in Cardiff, capital of Wales to a Scottish mother, and a Welsh father with Irish roots. She feels that this ...
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