90 Days of Heat

90 Days of Heat

Freedom Through Moksha

A book in discovering your heart.


90 Days of Heat is an adventure recounting the 90 straight days of Moksha Hot Yoga David Matthew Brown went through to find inner peace after his divorce. David shares with you 90 days of thoughts, inspirations, and his personal journey to peace through hot yoga.


"David’s commitment to confronting his fears, discovering new strength and emotional depth, and sharing his vulnerability with humour is completely inspiring. Reading this book is a wonderful reminder that we are each in charge of our own personal happiness, successes, breath, connection to ourselves and with others…and that the days when it feels impossible are the days that tend to hold the most impactful breakthroughs!" ~ Emily Morwen, Modo Yoga LA

"When I first started reading 90 Days two things occurred. First I realized right away that the book should be read in unison with his 90 day journey, meaning one day at a time. Because if you move to fast, as with yoga, you'll miss something vitally important. The other thing was I immediately got out my pen and began underlining sentences, that hasn't happened for me since Course in Miracles fell into my lap a long time ago. Always a sure sign something significant is occurring. I'm finding that every day and every page contains an opportunity for the reader to disengage from the rat race and embrace the real race back to self. Page 114, "Life is here to support us. We are supported but we need to understand, practice,and engage the support within." I believe that to be a profound yogi acknowledgment. I feel a genuine teacher teaches without trying. Instead he/she teaches by pure example through experimentation {in this case doing yoga in an oven for 90 days}, and then documentation. As it turns out David Brown truly excels at documenting important lessons very eloquently. In closing, I think this is the perfect book for those who want a new and improved life but are a bit lacking in knowledge as to how to get that boulder moving." ~ Steven Martinez, Valkyrie Arts

I loved this book. What I appreciated most was its groundedness, its honesty and openness, and its simplicity. The author presents himself just as he is: a recently divorced American guy, now a single dad, trying to somehow recover from the trauma of the broken marriage and find new balance in his life. In other words, he’s an ordinary Joe (in this case, David), and I found his lack of pretense very refreshing. He first turned to yoga when a doctor recommended medication for high blood pressure, and instead of accepting the meds he decided to try yoga. His ‘regular guy’ presentation both charmed and disarmed me, but as I soon discovered, there’s nothing superficial about this book. It’s a compilation of his blog posts written while undertaking the bold challenge of 30 days in a row of ‘hot yoga’ practice – which then morphed into 90 days straight (and finally 100). His insights during this time are remarkably profound, and touch not only on yoga but on spirituality and life itself. For example, this brief excerpt: “The room was quiet and I focused my attention on my breath coming into my nostrils and out. As I did this, an idea floated into my mind, ‘Discover the pose today.’ Then I thought, ‘Discover life.’ How many times am I planning ahead? How many times am I dwelling on yesterday? How many times do I find myself in my head? Yet when I give myself permission to discover life, or for that matter discover the pose, I feel more present.” David Brown goes deeper into the philosophy of yoga with each passing day, with explorations into topics such as “BOA: breathe, observe, allow”; the value of practicing with eyes closed, “allowing the movement,” discovering the stillness within the pose, “allowing the breath to express the pose,” and seeing the breath as “the bridge between heaven and earth,” a form of spirit itself. And as he goes deeper into yoga, he goes ever more profoundly into the fundamental issues of life facing all of us, such as the nature of faith, the challenge and blessing of forgiveness, seeing our own inner beauty, finding peace, self-acceptance and living from the heart. He has a wonderfully simple technique for working with his emotions, a conscious way of examining what arises in himself, and changing unpleasant feelings into pleasant ones simply through enquiring into their source. This should be beneficial for everyone. I was fascinated to learn that some years earlier he had written a book, as yet unpublished, about his personal dialogues with the Mother Mary, in which she had told him, “David, let the practice be to contemplate your breath….The breath is the movement of God, it is answered prayer, it is meditation; words – no matter how beautiful they are can’t capture God.” And I love the realization he shares as he finished his 90th class: “Yoga is about realizing our oneness and that place is here. There is nothing to seek, search for, and look for, because it is all here on the mat.” This book offers us a highly accessible journey to healing, self-acceptance, and grounded spiritual wisdom. It left me feeling inspired and touched. Highly recommended! ~ Matias Flury, author of Spiritual Experiments

David Matthew Brown
David Matthew Brown David is an internationally sought after speaker on Universal Principle, Sound, Energy, and Shamanic Work. He is also an author, teacher, M...
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