The rise of Oscar Acosta from poverty to American baseball fame is the central theme in a fascinating familial saga that begins in the heart of Mexico.


ACOSTA is a story about the entire Acosta family, but especially about Oscar Acosta, the feisty pitching coach who first turned around the Chicago Cubs and then the Texas Rangers followed by a minors Yankees team, before dying in an auto accident in the Dominican at age 49. The parents of Oscar and his sister Yolanda were immigrants who came to the U.S. from Mexico to work on other peoples ranches in southeastern New Mexico. That Oscar, who everyone assumed would follow in his fathers footsteps, should be discovered in high school and make his way up the ranks in professional baseball is a fascinating story in itself. But in addition to a central thread about Oscar, there is also the story of his father, who, after years of poverty, succumbed to a temptation that would have shattered a less loving family, and Yolanda, who chose to forgive the perpetrator of a heinous crime in order to avoid a lifetime of negativity and despair.


ACOSTA takes you back to the rural childhood of Oscar Acosta, who made a name for himself as a minor league manager for the New York Yankees while reaching his zenith as a pitching coach for the Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers. This book celebrates his life rather than focusing on his tragic death and it speaks to his lifetime dedication to the sport. ~ Russ Cohen, Author of 100 Ranger Greats and part-owner of

I could not put this book down. Oscar took me to a rodeo once and said, Tom can you believe I used to do that? ACOSTA keeps you on the edge of your seat; you don't know if you're going to be bucked off or make that 8 second ride! ~ Tom Gamboa, San Diego Padres Field Coordinator

This is a story of an immigrant family from Mexico and how they had to battle for success to overcome prejudice that they encountered not only in life but in sports. It is a great read and one that I can really understand. ~ Governor David F. Cargo, former two-time governor of New Mexico

Yolanda Acosta
Yolanda Acosta Yolanda Acosta is both the author of ACOSTA and part of its story. In addition to writing and now working with film crews to see ACOSTA made...
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